MSNBC’s  Nicolle Wallace has been in hot water since the interview in the video below came out. It’s so shocking yet is exactly what the left does all the time. The segment was supposed to be focused on what a White House staffer said in a PRIVATE MEETING that was leaked to the press. The left has been uber focused on this Trump staffer 24/7 because they want to keep the focus off of the best week ever for President Trump. It’s being reported that the staffer said that John McCain will “die anyway”…The media is demanding an apology and for the woman to be fired yet this group of nasty leftists proceeded to go REALLY low in the segment discussing this incident with the staffer. At one point, Wallace asked how the reporter could keep from choking Sanders. It went downhill from there…

When Sarah Sanders refused to get down in the dirt with the White House press corp on this, the media went nuts!

Wallace compared White House press briefings to propaganda in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq during her show Friday.

WFB reports:

Wallace and the panelists agreed Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not give satisfactory answers about an aide’s joke about Sen. John McCain’s health. NBC News reporter Kristen Welker had asked whether President Donald Trump bears responsibility for the comment, reported to have come from aide Kelly Sadler, but Sanders declined to elaborate and Wallace was incensed.

“I don’t know the difference anymore between Baghdad Bob and Sarah Sanders,” Wallace said, referring to Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, the former Iraqi information minister. Al-Sahhaf gained notoriety during the invasion of Iraq in 2003 when he assured people that Iraqi forces were winning the war.

Analyst John Heilemann said he does not know the difference between Sanders and al-Sahhaf and commended White House reporters’ valor in dealing with the “horror show” of White House briefings.

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