On Saturday, President Trump helped to send off the USNS Comfort with a message of hope for the “incredible people of New York.” President Trump stood in front of the US Navy hospital ship and assured the citizens of New York City that he has their backs, saying: “We’re here for you, we’re fighting for you and we’re here with you all the way and will always be with you.”

This morning, CNBC reporter, Contessa Brewer, shared breaking footage of the United States Navy Comfort pulling up to dock in Midtown Manhattan. Brewer reported that the ship has 75 professional mariners and 1,000 Navy medical personnel aboard. The personnel on the ship are trained to respond in wartime and have responded to multiple natural disasters.  The CNBC reporter told her viewers that the U.S. Navy hospital ship is “ready to help” in America’s most populated city.  The ship has 1,000 beds on board, including 80 ICU units and 50 ventilators.  The Navy ship will provide assistance for local hospitals by treating non-coronavirus patients. All patients and health care workers will be tested before they are allowed to board the USNS Comfort.

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Rachel Maddow started out with a huge sigh…telling her viewers that when President Trump said the US Navy’s hospital ship would be arriving in New York City “next week,” that it was “nonsense,” adding “It will not be there next week.

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“There is no sign that the Navy hospital ships that the President made such a big deal of — the ‘Comfort’ and the ‘Mercy’ — there’s no sign that they’ll be anywhere on sight helping anywhere in the country for weeks yet,” Maddow said only ten days ago.

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