“To upset the American people’s will is an awesome task.” – “Mr. Tingle Up His Leg” Chris Matthews

MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews just gave more proof that the Democrats and the leftist media are actively trying to change political opinion about impeachment so that Americans in favor of it. Without the “will of the people”, there will be no impeachment. Democrats know that and are using the media as a tool to change opinion by putting out fake news on President Trump.

“It Requires Political Power”

“You and I know how hard it is to overtake the will of the American people in the Electoral College. With all the arguments about the Electoral College, that’s how we pick our presidents. To overturn a decision like that is a humongous lift. It requires evidence, it requires politics, it requires political power.”


Of course, Mueller did his best to toss the hot potato to the Democrats when he said it’s up to Congress to decide on President Trump’s fate on impeachment. A few of the Democrats immediately jumped on the idea of impeachment but they only have a few dozen Democrats in Congress who want impeachment.

One thing you can guarantee, the impeachment cry will last until 2020 making it even easier for President Trump to win reelection.

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