CHARLIE DANIELS IS ONE OF OUR FAVORITE WRITERS AND ENTERTAINERS! Please check out his website. He and Mike Rowe are fantastic at getting to the point with tons of common sense. You’ll be shaking your head in agreement throughout this entire revealing look at Hillary Clinton. Enjoy!

As of this writing Hillary Clinton is still traversing the planet blaming her 2016 presidential election loss on white men, white women who are married to white men, women who succumb to the political preferences of their husbands, sons and I guess whatever white males who happen to be involved in their lives, James Comey’s latter-day exoneration letter, the millions of low class “deplorables” who voted for Trump, a couple of kitchen sinks and the luck of the draw.

Hillary simply cannot face the fact that while her and Bill were young, attractive, state of the art liberals a few decades ago, that, the demographic of young people who gave Bill two terms are now largely disillusioned minorities and white women married to white men who have traded in their ideology for the responsibilities of raising a family and paying the monthly bills on time, moved on and evolved.

Besides, Bill Clinton is a likable person, an approachable, “aw shucks,” pseudo-hayseed kind of guy you’d feel comfortable talking NASCAR results and football scores with.

Hillary is his antithesis, a snob, a know it all, do as I say, not as I do jet set liberal whose hypocrisy of being a champion for females has left behind a long trail of severely castigated women, ground up and spit out by her propaganda machine and chummy relationship with the media.

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While there is a liberal contingent of Democrats who look upon her as the grand dame of the progressive movement, there are other contingents who view her as nothing more than Obama redux, and yet another element who view her as a dinosaur, not liberal enough to suit the socialist tastes of the Bernie Sanders supporters.

Hillary comes across at times like the warden of a maximum-security prison and at others like an Ivy League University professor trying to communicate with a class of flyover country eighth graders, there is no rapport.

No matter what we perceive Hillary Rodham Clinton to be, she has long been the darling of the American mainstreameam media whose habit of lobbing softballs across the plate became somewhat tiring and totally predictable to watch.

It seemed Hillary thought that the presidency would pass to her through succession rather than election, taking for granted that the serfs in the inner cities and rust belt would again push the “D” button on the voting machine, and relying on star power and a fawning media she basically ignored traditional blue state voters, deeming them not even worth a visit.

Another irritating thing about Hillary is her seeming belief that the laws were written for those below her station and don’t apply to her, plus her arrogance in flaunting them, anybody else using a private, unsecured internet connection to receive state secrets would have been drawn and quartered long ago.

There has always been a shadow hanging over Mrs. Clinton, even before her husband became president, from the Whitewater incident, to the mysterious death of Vince Foster, Travelgate, Uranium One and the raising and disbursement of funds at the Clinton Foundation.

Her cavalier “What difference at this point does it make?” attitude toward the debacle in Benghazi put her about two rungs above Jane Fonda with those who passionately support the military and her Russian reset button was the equivalent of fiddling while Rome – I mean The Ukraine – burned.

Her recent insult to all women who don’t think like her and her elitist opinion of anybody who voted for Donald Trump kind of rounds out the picture of a woman with enough baggage to sink a super tanker, enough ego to cover the south wall of the Grand Canyon and enough bitterness to poison every drop of water in Lake Pontchartrain.

It must be hard to live in a bubble where everything that goes wrong in your life is somebody else’s fault, you have absolutely no control over your own destiny and you view the preponderance of your fellow human beings as mentally inferior and totally incapable of making intelligent decisions.

I don’t have any idea what Mrs. Clinton will get involved in now, whether a lesser political office than the president would appeal to her, but one wager I would give odds on.

She will not go quietly into the night and close the hole behind her, never to be heard from again.

We just ain’t that lucky.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

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