Someone needs to tell Rashida Tlaib that we are not a Democracy and that she doesn’t get to decide who is president with boxes of petitions.

She came out today and pulled a political stunt by putting boxes and about 15 people in front of her to claim our “democracy” needs to be protected from President Trump.

She also thanked Soros’ for “putting this powerful coalition together”. This move by the Soros-backed activist group and Tlaib just shows how desperate the left is to harm President Trump’s presidency. Does anyone even take these people seriously anymore? This is coming from the woman who claimed that after 9/11, she feared Americans, not terrorists (see below).

This is what democracy looks like: 10M signatures from Americans speaking up, demanding their representatives work on their behalf and protect our democracy from Pres. Trump. Thanks to for putting this powerful coalition together.

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Tlaib was on CNN discussing how she’s got 10 million signatures:

The Democrats are putting a full court press on trying to destroy the president and not dealing with immigration, healthcare and all of the other things they’re supposed to be doing for the American people.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Says After 9/11, She Feared Americans, Not Terrorists:

Earlier last month, Muslim US Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was caught on video, during a speech to a group of Muslim Americans at a CAIR event in Los Angeles, CA. During her speech, Omar erroneously claimed that CAIR was founded after 9-11 (for the record, CAIR was founded in 1994), she went on to water down the murder of just under 3,000 innocent people at the hands of Muslim terrorists, describing the heinous and cowardly acts of terror as “some people did something.”

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During an interview with MSNBC host Hallie Jackson, US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was asked about her fellow Muslim lawmaker, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s 9-11 remarks at the CAIR event.

The pro-Palestinian, anti-President Trump lawmaker responded to Omar’s outrageous remarks, by playing the victim. Tlaib told the MSNBC host, “They do this all the time to us—especially women of color. They do that. They take our words out of context, cuz they’re afraid because we speak truth—because we speak truth to power.”

Tlaib who calls her fellow Muslim lawmaker, Ilhan Omar, her “sister,” telling Jackson, Omar was talking about uplifting people.  Taking it out of context. This is just pure racist act, by many of those—because she does speak truth.”


While Tlaib’s defense of Omar’s remarks was disturbing, her most recent remarks about 9/11 and who she feared afterward, that really have people questioning how this woman could have been elected to represent Americans in the United States Congress.

In a segment filmed for Makers, Tlaib recalled how she felt after the horrible Islamic terror attack on our nation on 9/11.

“I was probably my second year in law school when 9/11 happened. And I was– I was really terrified of what was going to happen to my husband, who’s only a green card holder at the time,” Tlaib said.

“I immediately called my brothers and told them to be very careful who you hang out with, telling my sisters, you know, just be real careful out there, and being really afraid of my fellow Americans.”

“It really pushed me to be more involved, and I got really curious and really angry,” the pro-Palestine US Congresswoman said.

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