CAIR’S Zahra Billoo is so hateful! She Tweets out a nasty message every year about our troops on Memorial Day weekend.

The Council for Islamic Relations (CAIR) has had a bigger and bigger presence and influence on communities across America. Don’t dare criticize Islam or you get hammered by CAIR. They’re counting on people to fear being called Islamophobic or other things For this reason, they usually bully their way to victory. Americans aren’t used to this boldness so we cower and let them shame us. It’s way past time to stand your ground and call things what they are. Just say no to bullying from CAIR!



A top Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) official took time out of her Memorial Day weekend to stand by her opposition to honoring fallen U.S. soldiers on the holiday and specifically took aim at Muslim-Americans who serve in the U.S. military.

For the third year in a row, the executive director of CAIR’s San Francisco Bay Area chapter, Zahra Billoo, bashed the U.S. military on the holiday in which we are supposed to thank them for their sacrifices.


CAIR is a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity that was designated as a terrorist group by the United Arab Emirates in November. FBI wiretaps in 1993 reveal that CAIR was established to deceptively push the Islamist agenda. You can read more about CAIR’s background here.

Billoo stepped in hot water in 2014 when the Clarion Project broke the story about how she and other CAIR officials were suggesting that fallen U.S. soldiers shouldn’t be honored on Memorial Day. The result was major media attention and outrage from Muslims honoring Memorial Day.

She responded by retweeting a comment about supporting U.S. troops “who refuse service,” tweeting about U.S. “genocide,” rape within the military and accusing critics of sexism, racism and anti-Muslim bigotry.

On Memorial weekend last year, Billoo again slandered the U.S. military and said servicemen often “murder” innocent civilians. She also equated Israel with ISIS.

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