Senator Ted Cruz appeared on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time Wednesday night where he was mocked by left news host Chris Cuomo over his Christian faith. The insult came in the midst of a nasty interview by Cuomo in which he constantly interrupted Cruz.

While discussing the response by Cuomo’s brother Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to the coronavirus pandemic, Cruz said he did not believe the governor knowingly killed people in nursing homes when he ordered elderly COVID-19 hospital patients moved there in the early months of the pandemic.

Cuomo interjected, “That’s very charitable of you, Ted. Must be the Christian in you.”


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Excerpt from CNN transcript:

CRUZ: I know your brother didn’t want those people to lose their lives.

CUOMO: Oh, no! Oh, well that’s good.

CRUZ: But you shouldn’t play politics with–

CUOMO: So, you don’t think he intentionally killed them? That’s good.

CRUZ: No, of course not.

CUOMO: That’s very charitable of you, Ted.

CRUZ: Of course not.

CUOMO: Must be the Christian (in you)–

CRUZ: But I do think we can have a very reasonable policy discussion about the policy mistakes in New York and New Jersey of sending COVID- positive patients into nursing homes. I think that was a very serious policy mistake.

CUOMO: Because that didn’t happen all over the country, right?

CRUZ: No, it didn’t happen in Texas.

For the record, Chris Cuomo says he is a Catholic:

Senator Cruz spoke further on Gov. Cuomo’s failed track record for New Yorkers:

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