All heroes do not wear capes….

Some wear Amazon Prime outfits!

This is a truly incredible video clip and I echo the sentiments of Collin Rugg who says “Give this man a raise Amazon!”

Sadly, with all the woke, PC crap out there and battles against nonsensical “toxic masculinity”, I am more worried Amazon will fire this driver instead of rewarding him like they should, and we better not see that happen!

Because this is absolutely heroic behavior!

You know what I want more of?

I want more Mean Tweets…

I want more “Toxic Masculinity”….

I want more common sense!

You want to try and steal a van?

Be prepared to get your a** kicked!

I simply cannot applaud this loudly enough….

Collin Rugg reports:

NEW: Amazon delivery driver fights off would-be carjacker after the man hit his female coworker and tried to steal her van.

Give this man a raise, Amazon.

The incident happened in the middle of the street in New York.

The male driver noticed the situation unfolding and jumped out of his car to help defend the woman as the homeless man tried stealing her vehicle.

The attempted car-jacker was later arrested for robbery and assault.

Amazon says they are investigating the matter.

Full video player here:

This is how you do it in America!

Steal a van, get a beatdown!

Now do this in stores!

Try to steal from a store?

Prepare to get tackled and beat up!

It’s time to bring back Law & Order and if the authorities won’t do it, we have a right to defend ourselves!!!

And I also have to say credit to that lady driver….she is no slouch!

I think she could’ve taken the thug on her own!

Give her a raise too!

Two heroes!!

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

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