People in Connecticut are furious with the decision to cancel high school football.

In a video tweeted late Wednesday by Dave Briggs, parents, players and coaches in the state were protesting the decision to cancel the 2020 football season and chanting “Let us play” at the state capitol in Hartford.


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“Honestly, I feel so bad for these players, parents and coaches. There’s literally no evidence to suggest we need to cancel the football season, but it’s happening all over the place anyways.”

In fact, the evidence suggests that there’s literally nothing extra dangerous about playing football during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s amazing how people who claim to be pro-science are blissfully ignorant when it comes to the data on football. More than 1,000 high school football games have been played in America, and not a single one has reportedly led to a coronavirus outbreak.

These young men had a season stolen away from them and no one still understands what that decision was based on.

If football is safe in Texas, why wouldn’t it be safe in Connecticut? How does that make sense to anyone?

Let the young men suit up and play and listen to the facts. The fact of the matter is that high school football and college football are working in many places in America without any issues.

Every team should be playing. At this point, you’re living with your head in the sand if you think differently. Let the young men play!

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