The Democrats are bending over backward to keep bringing in illegals and releasing them.

Let’s face it, it’s what they want. They’re not fooling anyone.

They’ve released thousands of criminal illegals into America and want to continue doing the same thing.

Listen to Senator Menendez try and claim that illegals that have DUI’s aren’t criminals:

SenatorMenendez on just said that we shouldn’t categorize illegal immigrants who have committed DUI’s as criminals.

In what world does an elected official believe DUI’s do not constitute criminal behavior, in addition to being in the country illegally?

Legal Citizen DUI = Criminal

Illegal Alien DUI = Not a criminal

CIS BORDER EXPERT JESSICA VAUGHAN: Dems are trying to return ICE to the Obama release levels- thousands of criminal aliens every year.

Homan: POTUS won’t agree to the Dems’ offer. He must shut the govt down & declare a National Emergency

There’s news that an agreement was reached tonight but it has veto written all over it. President Trump should never sign this.


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