Two US Senators who couldn’t be more ideologically opposed, Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Independent (Socialist Party) Senator Bernie Sanders came together for what ended up being a very entertaining debate on the subject of the GOP tax plan during a debate hosted by CNN.

The polarizing topic has been at the center of Capitol Hill, as lawmakers have attempted to reform the tax code. Republicans, in an effort to pass the tax code, have explored trying to pass tax reform without Democratic support; while Democrats have complained that they have been left out of a crucial, bipartisan process in governing.

Included in the GOP tax plan is a 20% corporate tax rate, the elimination of the estate tax, and the implementation of three tax brackets.

Cruz defended the plan, saying on CNN, “Republicans want to lower the taxes for each and every person watching this debate,” and said that lowering the corporate tax rate would allow businesses to create more jobs.

Sanders, however, said the GOP’s tax plan is about giving “tax breaks to people who don’t need it.” The senator said he supports “a tax cut for the middle class and working families.”

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Throughout the evening, the two senators threw several verbal jabs at each other’s expense.

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At one point, Cruz claimed that his 2016 presidential campaign tried to strengthen social security and said politicians in Washington were “recklessly letting it careen towards insolvency.”

“There are no changes at all,” Cruz said. “Every dollar, every penny of benefit is protected, but for young people, people my age …”

“You’re not so young anymore,” Sanders replied.

“You’d be surprised,” Cruz said.

Cruz also joked about the impersonation that comedian Larry David, star of HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” did of Sanders on an episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

“I’m not interrupting you,” Sanders said, waving his hand as a sign for Cruz to hurry. “Come on, come on.”

“You know, as some might say, curb your enthusiasm,” Cruz quipped. “By the way, the impression that Larry David does of you is spectacular and uncanny.” –Business Insider


No one does socialist curmudgeon Bernie Sanders like Larry David.  If you’ve never seen the liberal actor Larry David imitating Senator Sanders on SNL, the video below is a MUST watch.

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