A woman who defected from North Korea and came to the US claims she was mugged outside a store in Chicago last year. A group of white virtue signallers prevented the victim from calling police, claiming it would be racist to do so.

Yeonmi Park, the Columbia University student who along with her mother was sold into slavery by human traffickers after fleeing North Korea when she was just 13-years-old, claims that she was jumped by 3- black women in front of Saks Fifth Avenue during last year’s “summer of love” Loot-fest in the Windy City.

According to the Daily Mail,

Park alleged that police and prosecutors declined to charge the thief, but public records indicate that 29-year-old Lecretia Harris was sentenced to two years in prison after her arrest in connection with the incident.

One of Harris’ accomplices managed to evade arrest.

At around the time of the incident, the city was in the midst of widespread unrest as vandals smashed windows of dozens of businesses and made off with merchandise, cash machines and anything else they could carry.

Park said that bystanders encouraged Harris to run and were hostile to her when she tried to call the police. Some who witnessed the crime branded her a racist for trying to dial 911, according to Park.

By speaking out about the incident, Park said that she has ‘become the enemy of the woke.’


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Ms. Park sat down with Joe Rogan where she claimed that she was accosted by three black women near the Saks Fifth Avenue on Michigan Avenue – right along the city’s famed ‘Magnificent Mile.’

“Last year, during the looting in Chicago, I was robbed by these three black women,” Park told Rogan on Tuesday. “Anybody can become a murderer or a thief, but it just happened to be a black woman.”

Park remarked that her nanny is Muslim and wears a hijab, and was following right behind with her stroller at the time of the assault.

Ms. Part claimed that one of the women stole her wallet, at which time grabbed onto the thief’s arm to keep her from getting away while she attempted to call the cops.

According to Park, a group of white bystanders who witnessed the robbery called her a racist for calling the police, telling her that “the color of their skin doesn’t make them a thief,” and saying, “Calling a black person a thief is racist.”

Ms. Park said the white bystanders prevented her from making the call. The incident rattled her and she says, “That’s when I was thinking, ‘This country lost it’.”

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A sad commentary coming from a person who witnessed unspeakable horrors in her home country.

The entire interview with Joe Rogan can be watched here.


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