Dr. Sebastian Gorka is spot on with his response (see video below) to the French President’s remark that “nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism” (see below). Gorka asks how nationalism is a bad thing and tells Macron to do his “homework”. We agree! Being proud of your nation is what we need more of but then the globalists don’t think it’s a good idea and are fearful of Trump messing up their agenda. Macron should have gotten the message by now that President Trump is nothing like globalist Obama and won’t be pushed around.

Without love of country, what type of military would you have? The US saved France from the Germans and they do this to us on a day of remembrance? It’s no wonder Macron’s approval rating is so low.

French President Macron disrespected our president during his trip to France by saying “nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism”:

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What world leader lectures another visiting world leader on how he should feel about love of country? We think Dr. Gorka is so right! Thank goodness we have President Trump who has brought back love of country to the US.

Thank you, President Trump, for putting America first!

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