Democrats have been pushing for vote-by-mail recently, and now Nancy Pelosi announced she wants funds for vote-by-mail in the next coronavirus stimulus bill.

President Trump is up against Democrats who are filing lawsuits to push vote-by-mail as an option: CNN is reporting that President Donald Trump has been increasingly engaged in the legal battles unfolding across the country over the issue of vote-by-mail, urging his political advisers to take an aggressive posture to counter Democratic lawsuits on the issue.

The Democrats want a neverending stream of money and funds for all of their pet projects included in a stimulus bill. Here’s an idea, open the economy back up.

So Americans can go to Home Depot or Costco but can’t stand in line to vote? Who thinks Democrats are trying to pull a fast one in the next election?

Listen to Nancy Pelosi talk about how she’ll have funds for vote-by-mail:

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Republicans doubled the money they’re putting into fighting vote-by-mail lawsuits. They are fighting against ballot harvesting increasing the possibility of voter fraud

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