Liberal heads are exploding all over the country today because the Washinton Nationals showed support for President Trump during their visit to the White House. The hateful tweets are already out there on social media, so props to the players who went to support our president, knowing they would be attacked.

The Nationals won the W0rld Series against the Houston Astros so they were invited to the White House. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of the left to boycott the president, the team visited and they showed support for President Trump.

Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki walked up and whipped out a MAGA hat!

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They gave the president a jersey with his name on it:

Ryan Zimmerman just thanked Trump for “keeping everyone here safe in our country” and “continuing to make America the greatest country to live in the world.”

The White House video from today’s visit:


It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the love affair the fans have had with the Nationals now that some of the players have openly shown support for President Trump.

The nasty tweets are out there on social media attacking Kurt Suzuki who is a fourth-generation Japanese-American.
Pray for him. He’s going to be brutally attacked by the hateful left.

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