A young Detroiter trying to do better by joining the Navy is robbed at gunpoint by four thugs. He sends a great message in the video below to the four robbers who took just about everything from him in the robbery.

Deonte Shade has a great attitude and obvious willingness to succeed in life – We say BRAVO!

A group of Navy sailors were robbed at gunpoint by four suspects on Monday — on Memorial Day, no less — in Detroit.

Deonte Shade said he and his fellow Navy friends were working to fix a car tire before hitting the road to go back to Virginia and out of nowhere the unthinkable happened.

“They pulled up in front of us and pointed a gun at us said and said … put your hands up, give us everything, pop the trunk up, give us phones, empty your pockets out,” he said.

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The Third Class Petty Officer said four suspects made off with his items, including his shoes, clothing, jewelry, phone and even his Navy ID.

Deontae said he was visiting his family before a deployment in December and has strong words for the criminals.

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“Get a job, honestly. You sticking up people, robbing people, how far you think that’s going to get you? You’re either going to be dead or in jail,” he said.

Deontae said police told him the suspects are in custody and some of his items were recovered.

“It makes me feel a little bit better but it still doesn’t change what happened,” he said.

Deontae said it was the violence in the Motor City that drove him to leave home and join the Navy.

As the victim’s family tries to make sense of this crime his mother, Darsel Morgan, said it’s time for the violence to end.

“I just really would like for all parents to get together with their kids and just work with them. It’s senseless, on Memorial Day,” she said.

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