Sarah Sanders does it again! The snarky DC reporters always try and get her but she ends up on top every time! This time was no exception;

Daily Caller reports:

The GOP tax reform bill is the most talked-about thing in the country right now. When NBC asked White House press secretary Sarah Sanders about its effects Thursday, Sanders pointed to the huge bonuses many at NBC will be receiving because of the bill.

Multiple corporations announced a mix of thousand-dollar bonuses, pay increases and heavy sums of charitable giving in response to the tax cuts.

One of those corporations was Comcast-NBCUniversal.

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Sarah Sanders  made use of the fact that journalists are getting a pay raise under this tax cut, in part because there was so much misinformation about the tax cut in media. CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted the report with this comment last night:

Sanders responded to Stelter’s comment with this reminder:

The left has been tripped up numerous times in the past few days. Chuck Schumer claimed that AT&T employees would suffer because of the tax bill but they came out with a great bonus for employees right after the bill passed in the Senate:

Democrats have played the drama queen role calling the tax bill “Armageddon”. They will be proven wrong on this even though they pulled out all the stops to try and make tax reform sound bad. MAGA!

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