Last night, at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, so-called comedian Michelle Wolf was hired to embarrass and humiliate President Trump, Republicans, and to brutally attack the only two women in President Trump’s administration who were in attendance at last night’s event. The only joke the vile comedian made that was directed at a Democrat, was when she made a joke about Hillary not going to Michigan to campaign. Ouch!

Today, thousands of Americans took to social media today to express their outrage over her invitation to the event that was filmed live on CSPAN. From her joke about wishing a tree would fall on Kellyanne Conway, to repeatedly calling Sarah Huckabee Sanders a “liar”, as she sat uncomfortably next to her at the podium, most people didn’t find Wolf to be even remotely funny.

The fake news media really outdid themselves this year. They took a lot of people by surprise with an act that might have played well at a vulgar DNC event, but only served to infuriate a lot of people in the general public who happen to have a lot of respect and admiration for Sanders and Conway. (See how to cancel your Netflix account below)

Watch (***WARNING***vulgar language and some x-rated content)

Well, it turns out that Netflix has given the disgusting comedian her own show. Perhaps that was the reason Wolf was scheduled to appear at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Maybe Netflix’s most recent addition to their board of directors, Obama’s former NSA director, Susan Rice suggested the vile Republican and Republican woman-bashing comedian appear on the self-congratulatory award show.

Here’s Wolf’s promo for her new show on Netflix, “The Break” that debuts on May 27th.

And then there’s the upcoming Netflix show, that will feature Barack and Michelle Obama.

Watch Valerie Jarret promote the Obama’s new show on Netflix.

Here’s a newsflash Netflix, most of us would rather stick hot pokers in our eyes than watch Michelle and Barack Obama, the most divisive couple to ever occupy the White House, talk to us about “positivity”.

To call Netflix and let them know what you think about their new show with hateful, vile comedian Michelle Wolf, call: 1 (866) 579-7172

Here’s how to cancel your Netflix account:


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