A new video produced by Netflix starring vulgar comedian Michelle Wolfe depicts ICE as terrorists. This is what passes for comedy to the left? Get it? ICE = ISIS Not funny, not funny at all! Please boycott and contact Netflix to let them know this is NOT acceptable. It’s garbage!

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This disgusting portrayal is just one more nail in the coffin for Netflix and their anti-American propaganda. It’s not cool to portray the men and women who work to protect all Americans every day as anything less than heroes. Does Netflix even know what ICE does on a daily basis?

ICE handles drug enforcement, immigration, human trafficking and many other important functions! Please follow them on twitter: @ICE.gov 

The trend for the left to call border patrol and ICE disgusting names has been ongoing since the open borders groups have felt more power during Obama’s administration. Remember when a college professor was recorded saying the border patrol is like the KKK?

The left protests against law and order all the time…do they even know how dumb this makes them look? If it was up to the left, we’d have no police officers and no border enforcement…such children! #WalkAway




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