FORMER NEVADA STATE LEGISLATOR LUCY FLORES is furious with Joe Biden for mocking and joking about having ‘permission’ to hug someone.

After Flores came out and bravely spoke about how Biden touched her inappropriately, Biden came out and joked about having permission to touch. Biden handled the criticism by making the serious incident into a joke at the expense of Flores. she’s not a happy camper and who could blame her?

She feels the situation where Biden touched her is “more serious than just a hug”:

‘The basis of the behavior that I talked about was something much more serious than just a hug,’

Flores has made the point in the past that if this inappropriate touching had occurred in a typical corporate setting, Biden would be in big trouble. The problem is that with politics, the same rules haven’t applied. Flores feels that politicians shouldn’t be exempt from the same HR rules in corporate offices across America:

‘That is unprofessional, inappropriate behavior, no matter who does it.’

Flores is right in questioning the sincerity of Biden’s pledge to change.

With Biden’s past track record, it’s hard to believe anyone could teach this old political dog new tricks.

Biden is announcing his third run for the presidency, bringing the issue to the forefront again. He’s leading in the polls so Democrats are showing hypocrisy by pushing the #MeToo movement but accepting Biden’s clear record of “inappropriate touching”.




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