The NRA has a new ad out that features Navy Seal Dom Raso speaking about the sacrifices of our military and why he stands for our anthem:

“I stand for my brothers who can’t stand anymore” – Dom Raso

Raso discusses the new commercial with Stuart Varney. The former Navy Seal comments on why he thinks Americans are so “p*ssed off” about kneeling during the anthem. He says people need to remember the foundation that all of this has been built on.

Varney says he thinks the NFL is the big loser in all of this. Raso reiterates that it’s the foundation of America and how we should look around and see how far we’ve come. “Everybody’s paying attention…”It’s the timing…”

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We couldn’t agree more with Raso. Do your protest on your own time. We also believe Raso is correct in assuming some of these players just don’t have a clue.

This is our favorite sign from last night’s game and expresses exactly what Raso is talking about when he says “it’s the timing”. Do your protest on your own time…play football!

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