Joe Biden’s approval rating with Americans is in freefall. America’s frustrations with the divisive, incompetent fraud in the White House has become so bad that according to a new Suffolk University/USA TODAY poll of registered voters taken Nov. 3-5, the most important thing for Biden to do over the next year is to resign/retire or quit.

Jill Biden helps her husband Joe to navigate on the tarmac.

Yep, you read that correctly—Americans are telling pollsters that their number one priority for the guy who campaigned almost exclusively from his basement and allegedly received 81 million votes only one year ago is to vacate the White House.

According to the new poll, Biden’s approval rating has dropped an additional 3 points since August to a dismal 38%. At the same time, the number of Americans who disapprove of the job he’s doing is a whopping 59%, up 4 points since August.

Survey respondents expressed significant frustration with Biden’s performance in office so far. When asked to state the single most important goal for Biden over the next year, the number one response was “resign/retire/quit” (20%), followed by “economy/jobs” (11%), “unite/help the country” (8%), and “immigration/border patrol” (8%). And when voters were asked if Biden should run for another term in 2024, 29% answered yes, while 64% said no.

As the Biden regime contemplates shutting down another major gas line in America, as part of their efforts to combat “climate change,” only 3% of Americans view “Climate change/Environment” as a top priority for Biden.

Mike Pompeio had this to say about the Biden regime’s focus on climate change and how it’s destroying our economy: Of the White House’s proposed $2 trillion spending plan, about $500 billion is devoted to climate-related spending in the form of subsidies and tax credits.

The Biden Administration’s climate plan has already had a negative impact on the United States’ economy. Gas prices have soared in recent months: The average price nationwide has risen 40 cents a gallon in the last six months and $1 since December, and crude oil prices have doubled since November. These consequences are very much attributable to the Biden Administration’s decisions to kill the Keystone XL pipeline, suspend new drilling leases on federal lands and waters, and rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, which cripples our energy sector. Even as we come out of the pandemic, American gas and oil companies are hesitant to ramp up production with an Administration in power that is hostile to their businesses. We have gone from an energy-independent country back to dependency on foreign sources of oil, risking our national security. Americans are out of work and the costs of living are rising, but all Team Biden seems to care about are what climate activists in Glasgow think. Rising inflation – particularly energy prices for gas, home heating oil and electricity – disproportionately impact the poor, most of whom don’t have the luxury of working from home.

This Administration’s policy objectives are mismatched with reality. The U.S. Energy Information Administration projected back in 2017 that world energy consumption will increase by 28% by 2040. Renewable sources of energy, which climate activists love to point to as the future of the energy sector, simply cannot fill that gap. What will result is an America that is dependent on foreign powers for their energy needs rather than an America that is energy independent, as was the case under the Trump Administration. In fact, that’s what is happening right now – in recent months the Biden Administration has implored OPEC to produce more oil to keep prices from skyrocketing. They’ve made us dependent on a foreign oil cartel to meet our energy demands while killing our own supply. That’s unacceptable. Pursuing the policies of the Green New Deal will only cause the United States and our allies to rely on Russia and OPEC for our energy needs.

If so few Americans are on board with the Democrat/Globalist’s push to make “Climate change” our number one priority, why do the efforts of a small group of globalists get so little pushback by US lawmakers who are supposed to represent their constituents? Maybe there’s a good reason why the ratings for members of Congress who are sitting back and allowing the Biden regime to tear apart our nation limb-by-limb are also in the toilet.

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