For decades, Democrats have gotten away with making empty promises to Black Americans, and doing absolutely nothing to follow through on their promises.

But what about helping Black Americans to achieve the American dream? What about helping Black Americans to find jobs or with starting their own businesses?

After only 3 years on the job, President Trump was proudly boasting historically low unemployment numbers for Black Americans, including Black women and teens.

On December 12, 2019, with very little fanfare from the mainstream media, President Trump signed an executive order to establish the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council that would, according to President Trump, help to “provide the resources of the whole federal government will be leveraged to rebuild low-income and impoverished neighborhoods that have been ignored by Washington in years past.”

With Opportunity Zones, we are drawing investment into neglected and underserved communities of America so that all Americans, regardless of zip code, have access to the American Dream.

In December 2019, Politico published an article that questioned President Trump’s campaign for daring to attempt to appeal to Black voters in South Florida.

 “President Trump Shocks Black Voters….By Trying To Get Their Votes”

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The Westside Gazette bills itself as “Broward County’s oldest and largest African American owned-and-operated newspaper.” For five decades, the Fort Lauderdale, Fla. weekly has catered to a staunchly Democratic readership.

So when readers opened an edition last month to find a full-page ad from President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, many couldn’t believe it. Why would he even bother?

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“I thought it was quite abnormal,” said Bobby Henry, the newspaper’s publisher and CEO. He said a reader sought him out at church last weekend to ask what was up. “For [Trump] to reach out to the broader African American community is what surprised me.”

Yet that’s precisely what Trump is doing.

The president’s reelection campaign has spent $1 million in an effort to make inroads with black voters, and more is coming, according to a person with direct knowledge of the planning. The initiative, dubbed “Black Voices” by the campaign, so far has included ads in black-run newspapers and on radio stations, volunteer training seminars and a kickoff event hosted by Trump in Atlanta last month.

The Trump ads tout low unemployment among African Americans, Trump’s support for historically black colleges and universities, and the White House-backed criminal reform legislation that passed earlier this year.

The spots, which encourage voters to sign up for Trump 2020 updates by texting “Woke” to a campaign phone number, are concentrated in big cities located in battleground states, including Philadelphia, Detroit and Atlanta.

Trump received just 8 percent of the black vote in 2016, and his campaign aides concede he’s never going to win more than a narrow slice of African American support. But that’s not the point, they argue. If Trump can nudge his way into double digits among black voters and potentially into the low teens, it would eat away at Democratic margins in key swing states and possibly alter the outcome in a close election.

According to a new Fox News poll, President Trump is accomplishing his goal:

The Washington Examiner reports- President Trump earned a 19% job approval rating from black voters in the latest Fox News poll as the Trump reelection campaign works to double the 8% support he received from this cohort four years ago.

Trump’s team is spending tens of millions of dollars to woo black voters in the November election, deploying a massive field and data program to target a voting bloc that for decades has overwhelmingly supported the Democratic Party. Until all campaigns were forced online by the coronavirus pandemic, that investment included opening special campaign field offices in urban neighborhoods in key battleground states designed to cater to black voters.

In the Fox News survey, which was conducted April 4-7, 13% of registered black voters said they “somewhat approve” of Trump’s job performance, with 6% saying they “strongly approve.”

In November 2019, two separate polls showed support for President Trump among Black Americans at around 34%. Far-left members of the media lost their collective minds. Ana-Navarro-Cardenas mocked high-profile Black Americans like Kanye West, Dr. Ben Carson, and Diamond and Silk, for daring to publicly support President Trump.

Unfortunately for the Democrat Party and their allies in the media, Kanye West isn’t the only Black American who supports President Trump.

In December 2019, the Washington Examiner reported about how a growing number of polls show that President Trump is gaining the support of black voters above what any Republican president has ever received. Both Emerson Polling and Rasmussen Reports have it at about 34%, a stunning number.

And a new Zogby Analytics survey found that African American support is at the “highest levels of the year,” driven by a strong economy, historically low black unemployment, and Trump’s agenda to support minority small businesses, historically black colleges and universities, and passage of criminal justice reform.

“Not surprisingly, all African Americans do not hate Trump!” pollster Jonathan Zogby said in sharing his data with us.

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