On January 6, 2021, an estimated one million Americans made their way to Washington DC for a peaceful protest against what a majority of Americans believe was a stolen election. Some of the protesters made their way to the Capitol building where several Republican lawmakers were prepared to share evidence of voter fraud and demand that the vote not be certified until the states that were in contention had an opportunity to properly investigate the serious and credible allegations of voter fraud.

A group of unknown protesters began to press against barricades Capitol Police were standing behind to keep them away from the Capitol building where the vote was being held. Suddenly, the police officers inexplicably moved away from the barricades and allowed thousands to enter the previously roped-off sidewalk to the Capitol steps.

The so-called “insurrection” in DC was filmed by citizen journalists who continue to release videos, like the one below, that show Trump supporters being let into the Capitol building. Law enforcement officers stood to the side, allowing the protesters to freely pass by. One of the law enforcement officers can be heard telling the protesters, “I disagree with you, but respect your decision!” as the group walked unobstructed through the hallway of the Capitol building.

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In this video, which is obviously staged, a lone Capitol Police officer leads the crowd of “protesters” to the Rotunda outside of the Senate chambers where the vote was being held. We’ve broken down every scene in the video. You can read it HERE.

Exclusive video obtained by American Greatness shows Capitol Police officers talking with January 6 protestors inside the building that day, giving the ok to enter and peacefully protest:

Julie Kelly reports: A newly-obtained video shows United States Capitol Police officers speaking with several January 6 protestors—including Jacob Chansley, the so-called “Q shaman”—inside the Capitol that afternoon.

The clip directly contradicts the DOJ complaint that claims USCP told this group, which included Jacob Chansley, to leave. Chansley has been in jail for more than 4 months. He’s not accused of assaulting an officer, vandalism, or any serious crime.

Why did the Capitol Police allow these protesters in and then accuse them of a violent insurrection? Why were they standing by and watching? Why didn’t they have reinforcement?

Now, another new video has emerged of a MAGA supporter shouting at Capitol Police officers for standing by and watching the chaos at the Capitol building. “Why are you letting this happen? Why haven’t you called for backup? Where is your backup? This is our damn Capitol building and you’re all just standing there. Call for backup. Get some help down here!’ the man wearing a MAGA hat can be seen shouting at Capitol Police officers as they stand by idly.

What role did Antifa and/or BLM play in the Capitol incident on January 6th?

There has been a lot of discussion about whether or not Antifa and BLM played a role in the Capitol’s siege on January 6th. FBI Director Christopher Wray claims Antifa played no part in the breach of the Capitol building. Perhaps someone should share these videos with Mr. Wray, because the instigators in this video, who broke the windows and stomped on an American flag, are the antithesis of a pro-America Trump supporter.

In the video below, two men all dressed in black tactical gear, who were NOT wearing any Trump paraphernalia, can be seen bashing out the windows of the Capitol with a flagpole and a police baton. Mr. Pressley referred to the “stick” (flag pole) in our interview. It’s worth noting that true Trump supporters would never desecrate a United States flag by using it as a ramrod to bust out a window. The other man dressed in all-black is using a police baton to smash out the windows.

This is the police baton the man dressed all in black (Antifa?) is seen using in the video. Trump supporters are not known for taking batons to rallies.

Batons are, however,  commonly used by Antifa to smash windows as well as the skulls of people who don’t align with their radical leftist ideology.

Antifa posing with batons and baseball bats.

Portland Antifa goon Gage Holupowski was arrested and sentenced to 6 years in prison after bashing in the head of the man during a street fight with his baton:

The American flag used to ram the window is dropped to the ground and several of the men who appear to be with the goons dressed like Antifa terrorists step on top of it. Trampling on an American flag is not characteristic of pro-American Trump supporters.

A man dressed in grey is seen running up to the area from the crowd and confronting the men dressed in black. He approaches one of the men dressed in black (Antifa?) and appears to try to stop him. With the exception of the woman who attempts to stop the Antifa characters from bashing the windows, the people we have arrows pointing to in the image below, all seem to be working together toward some common goal.

The yellow circle on the right is around a group of 4 men dressed in tactical gear. A couple of the men in the yellow circle are wearing gas masks. The person in the video wearing all black and wrapped in a blue Trump flag spends most of his time in the video keeping watch on the elevator’s shaft, as does the guy across from him in the grey jacket with the grey hat.

The male with a blue camo hat and large black backpack appears to be with the two men dressed all in black, as at one point in the video, the man in black (Antifa?) hands his police baton to the man with the blue camo hat who uses it to smash against the window. The person on the left standing close to the wall can be seen in the 3rd video (below), wearing a black helmet with a “Trump” bumper sticker on the back, as he bashes one of the upper windows with what appears to be a baton.

At the 1:20 mark of the video, the crowd is chanting, “F*CK Antifa! F*CK Antifa!”The man dressed all in black (Antifa?), who is leaning over what appears to be an elevator shaft, motions with his hands going back and forth across his throat to someone in the audience, as he appears to be telling them to stop doing something. The Antifa? goon then raises one hand in the air and appears to be giving the middle finger to the Trump supporters shouting, “F*CK Antifa!” He waits a few seconds and then raises both hands in the air at the crowd and appears to give them two middle fingers as a man who appears to be a “Trump supporter” tries to stop him.


Here’s another view from the crowd looking up at the men dressed in all-black bashing out the windows with a baton commonly used by Antifa, as women in the crowd can be heard saying that Antifa is busting out the windows:

This video shows the male in the first video who has his back toward the wall and is also seen stepping on the American flag, bashing out the window with the baton. Curiously, he has a Trump bumper sticker plastered to the back of his helmet. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t know a single Trump supporter who would stand on an American flag.

Is it possible that these men dressed in black tactical gear smashing the windows in the US Capitol and walking over the American flag on the ground were recruited by John Sullivan who aligns himself with Antifa and BLM and advertised for activists to meet him in DC on January 6th?

Prior to his arrest, John Sullivan’s brother James claimed his brother was somehow in charge of the Capitol siege. With all of this evidence in plain sight, it’s curious that FBI Director Christopher Wray is still telling us that Antifa had nothing to do with the Capitol siege.

It’s really beginning to look more and more like this whole “Capitol insurrection” was staged to keep the lawmakers from objecting to the certification of the electoral votes and from showing the evidence they had that the vote should not have been certified in multiple states.

Nancy Pelosi’s witness lied last week about Officer Siknick being killed by MAGA protesters. Will he be charged with lying during his testimony?

On July 28, Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn lied during his testimony about the January 6th Capitol incident. He’s pushing the false narrative that Pelosi pushed that coworker Brian Sicknick died due to injuries on Jan. 6th. Not true. Even though it’s not true, Democrats have been milking this for all they can. They even held a memorial service in the Capitol rotunda. Phony Democrats keep pushing their BIG LIE that someone beat Sicknick with a fire extinguisher or that a chemical irritant sprayed was the cause of death. No, Brian Sicknick died of natural causes from a stroke, but Harry Dunn had to do his job and keep the lie going:

Dunn should have erased his social media posts before he testified because he’s been outed as a Black Lives Matter supporter who is anti-Trump:

Photos show he’s a BLM supporter and has visited Pelosi:

He condoned the anarchy in Kenosha, Wisconsin:

The entire hearing was a clown show with crying politicians vying for best actor. It was embarrassing that our tax dollars are being used for this circus. When do we get a hearing on the destruction and violence caused by BLM and Antifa a year ago?

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