Why, oh why does the New York Times lie?

If it harms Donald Trump…they might as well try.

New York Times writer Katie Rogers traveled an awfully long distance to ask First Lady Melania Trump a series of ridiculous questions, and to comment on her racist hat. She also traveled a long way to lie about how Melania responded to one of her asinine questions.

Rogers first ridiculous question to Melania: “There were derogatory comments reported about African countries. What will you tell him in response to that? And did that come up at all in your trip? Did anybody discuss that with you?

“Nobody discussed that with me and I never heard him saying those comments. And that was an anonymous source, and I will leave it at that” Melania responded.

After accusing her husband of making derogatory comments about the African countries Melania was visiting, as part of her goodwill tour, Ms. Rogers moved on to a trap she hoped to set for Melania on the Democrats manufactured Kavanaugh scandal. Here is a part her New York Times hit piece on Melania, including the lie she told, that Stephan Grishom, Melania’s communications director pointed out.

CAIRO — No one can say Melania Trump, the first lady, doesn’t understand the power of an image.

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Never mind, that in the history of the United States, we have never had a more stunning First Lady, let’s talk about how the first lady understands the power of an image…

Standing in front of one of the best known but most enigmatic monuments of the ancient world, the Great Sphinx, Mrs. Trump — one of the most mysterious First Ladies in modern times — agreed to take questions from a group of journalists.

Perhaps Katie Rogers finds Melania to be “mysterious” because she is rarely asked to be interviewed, and with all of her beauty, grace and impeccable fashion sense, has yet to appear on the cover of a major magazine in America.

Mrs. Trump — wearing another white hat — used the symbolic backdrop as a moment to discuss her six day trip to Africa, including whether any of her hosts had brought up the disparaging comments her husband has reportedly made about African countries.

An obvious dig at the pith hat Melania wore while traveling yesterday, that liberals have been calling “racist” for the past 24 hours.

When asked if she believed Dr. Blasey, she seemed to deflect the question: “I will move on that.”

Of the president’s Twitter habits, “I don’t always agree what he tweets and I tell him that,” she said. “I give him my honest opinion and honest advice. Sometimes he listens, sometimes he doesn’t. I have my own voice and my opinions and it’s very important to me that I express how I feel.”

Here’s the LIE: When asked if she ever tells the president to put away his phone, Mrs. Trump quickly replied, “Yes!”

Ms. Rogers gets a final dig in, about Melania’s racist hat:

Mrs. Trump appeared irritated when asked about the white pith helmet, a symbol of British colonial rule, that she had worn in Kenya.

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“I wish people would focus on what I do, not what I wear,” she said. Mrs. Trump made her “Be Best” initiative a focus of the trip.

Here is a portion of Melania’s recorded interview that she was kind enough to grant to the New York Times hack reporter:

Here’s the tweet that included the LIE told by the New York Times writer, Katie Rogers that still remains up on Twitter.


Stephanie Grisham, Melania’s communication director blasted the New York Times for posting the fake news story and for leaving it up on Twitter, even after they were called out about the lie.

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