An NPR/PBS/Marist poll released last Friday indicates that we may see an era of Republican dominance unparalleled in recent history.  The poll shows Republicans winning every emergent demographic while Democrats cling to a few demographic groups by increasingly small margins.

Hispanics are the fastest-growing racial demographic in the country.  Just ten years ago, it was conventional wisdom that they were reliable Democrat voters.  RINO’s told us that the only way to make inroads with Hispanics was to surrender on immigration.  Then, Hispanics turned out for President Trump in historic numbers despite his tough stance on immigration.  With Trump still looming large over the Republican Party, Hispanics now prefer Republicans over Democrats by a 13-point margin.


RINO’s also told us that we would have to compromise on social issues to attract young voters.  With socially conservative politicians like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leading the national conversation, Republicans are winning with young voters by a double-digit margin.

The National Review, a favorite for losers and defeatists in the Republican Party, lectured conservative activists for using aggressive rhetoric against people who opposed Desantis’ Parental Rights In Education bill.  As it turns out, voters overwhelmingly support the bill, and Republicans coming out strong against pedophile sympathizers in the Democrat party has paid off enormously.  Parents with children in their household who are under 18 support Republicans by a stunning 28 percent margin.

America first patriots have taken the Republican Party in a more bold and focused direction and, in doing so, have captured all the important demographics that will decide America’s future.  Meanwhile, Democrats only won a few demographics by small margins.

Democrats won over childless households by an 8-point margin and won people aged 45 and older by a slim 3-percent margin.  Even among black voters, who are Democrats’ most reliable demographic, Republicans have increased their 2020 voter share by 10 points, from 10% to 20%.

RINOs (lack of a) vision for the party has been thoroughly discredited and proven why they don’t deserve to lead.

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