Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson got into a bit of a testy exchange with White House Spokesliar Jen Psaki yesterday, when she asked Psaki about who’s really running the country? “Given the number of former Obama administration officials that are now in this Biden administration and uh, the president’s relatively light schedule, there’s a growing perception that this is really just a third term for President Obama. What do you say to people who say that?”

Psaki appeared to be taken back by her question about who is really running the show inside the White House.

“Who’s saying that?” Psaki asked in a snarky tone.

“You hear that a lot in the media,” Robinson responded.

Psaki demanded Robinson give her names, “Who’s saying that?”

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“Lots of people in the media,” the Newsmax reporter responded.

Robinson continued, citing examples of how Kamala Harris has been meeting with several world leaders including recently, during the “one and only unilateral meeting at the White House,” when she welcomed the prime minister of Japan, as well as meeting with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“The president has had dozens of conversations and calls with world leaders and it should be no surprise that the Vice President engaging with foreign leaders,” Psaki snapped back.

Watch the exchange here:

Meanwhile, as Michelle Obama goes on the everyone’s a racist media tour, and her husband stays hidden away (probably in a White House bunker), Joe Biden, whose only job seems to be lifting pens to sign executive orders that are placed in front of him, is leaving yet again, for another weekend away from the White House—this time to Camp David.

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