James Comey delivered a disgustingly partisan hack interview with George Stephanopoulos last night but the more openly partisan person is his wife. She had a small interview with the ABC anchor where she opened up about her support for Hillary Clinton. Please watch the short clip from the interview and then see the take on all of this from Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn in the video below. It’s spot on!


Patrice Failor Comey spells out her clear preference in the election many critics say her husband helped tilt in the same bombshell ABC interview where Comey talks about Trump’s hair and skin tone and says he doesn’t know if the president us under the sway of the Russians.
‘I wanted a woman president really badly, and I supported Hillary Clinton,’ she told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in a brief clip concluded in the prime-time piece on her husband’s first interview since President Trump fired him.
‘A lot of my friends worked for her. And I was devastated when she lost,’ she added.

Daily Mail reports:

The Comey children were also ready for Hillary.

‘Oh yeah,’ Comey said, asked about his wife’s support for Clinton. ‘I didn’t take a poll among all the kids, but I’m pretty sure that at least my four daughters, probably all five of my kids, wanted Hillary Clinton to be the first woman president.’
‘I know my amazing spouse did. My wife and girls marched in the women’s march the day after President Trump’s inauguration,’ he said.
The network flashed a photo of Patrice and the Comey daughters taking part in the march that drew hundreds of thousands of protesters the day after Trump’s inauguration.

Comey’s wife holds an apparently hand-made sign that says ‘Stand Up For Women.’

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