Such a nice young man. He was just hearing voices in his head. You mean like Mohamed’s voice? Of course CAIR says he was likely just “showing off”…Because that’s how Muslim men who live in America “show off”???? 

Not only did this Dearborn Muslim plot to shoot up a Detroit church, but he kept a sword in his car and said that it was his “dream to behead someone.” Khalil Abu-Rayyan said he wanted to “burn people alive, tie them up, cut their tongues.”

As for the church shooting, Abu-Rayyan said, “Honestly, I regret not doing it. If I can’t go do jihad at the Middle East I would do a jihad over here.”

But Abu-Rayyan will not be prosecuted for terrorism; not in Dearborn, he won’t. To prosecute him for terrorism would be islamofauxbic. Any time a jihadi gets caught plotting mass murder of the kuffar, it’s the FBI that gets the blame: “entrapment.”

The case against Abu-Rayyan has focused on his alleged threats of violence and has raised questions, including whether the government successfully thwarted Abu-Rayyan’s alleged plan for a terrorist attack on a Metro Detroit church, or whether the FBI’s undercover agent radicalized a vulnerable young man with no criminal past until 2015.


“Shooting and death makes me excited. I love to hear people scream and beg. I wish I had my gun,” Abu-Rayyan told the FBI undercover agent in a text message.

The FBI is being accused of radicalizing this savage. Not the Islamic texts and teachings that incite to jihad, not his Muslim brothers waging holy war in the cause of Islam — the FBI.

Wait, it get worse. The FBI is being criticized for arresting him, as opposed to pursuing “other options,” such as going to the family.

Asked whether they explored other options before arresting Abu-Rayyan, U.S. Attorney spokeswoman Gina Balaya said: “Although intervention with a family is appropriate in some cases, when a defendant poses a specific threat of violence, we need take action that protects public safety.”

Go to the family? The family is usually in on it. Look at San Bernardino. Khalil plotted to shoot up a church. There are no other options but arrest. How can the FBI do its job when it is expected to adhere to sharia law and sanction jihad?

Via: Pamela Gellar

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