Buck-its Bar in North Dakota will donate its Saturday sales to Cayler Ellingson’s grief-stricken family. Eighteen-year-old Cayler was run over and killed by 41-year-old leftist Shannon Brandt. Justin McDonald, the owner of Buck-its Bar, shared on his Facebook page that his establishment “will be giving away 100% of sales to the family of Cayler Ellingson.”
The September 24 charity event will supplement donations to the family’s GoFundMe account to help cover Cayler’s funeral expenses.
Sadly, mainstream media has been shockingly quiet about the incident. Yet when George Floyd was killed, there was wall-to-wall coverage for months and countless star-studded memorials.

Ric Grenell called out the left-wing bias on Twitter, saying the DOJ should do something about Left Wing Extremism.

Joe Biden’s early September speech polarized the nation when he said, “Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans are a threat to the very soul of this country.” Hence, it’s unsurprising that so-called MAGA Republicans are targeted and injured. If the political beliefs of Ellingson and Brandt were reversed, media outlets and politicians would be calling Ellingson’s murder a hate crime,

The go-fund me organizer described Ellingson as,

“A young man with his whole adult life ahead of himself. So much was stripped away from himself and from his family. They now have to endure a path no parent wants, no parent should have to endure. His innocent life he had yet to look forward to and live for. His parents will never see their young son graduate college, get married or have grandchildren.”

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