Biden’s State Department Spokesperson Ned Price stood behind a podium and hilariously warned the Taliban terror group that the expectation of the UN Security Council is that they will ignore their extremist Islamic ideology and treat women as equals.

In other words, the terror group that regularly rapes, beats, and enslaves women and children, is being called up by US State Department’s Ned Price to treat women as equals.

The State Department spokesperson actually said these words during a press conference today: “The council spoke in one voice to underscore that Afghanistan must abide by its international obligations, including international humanitarian law, and ensure the safety and security of all Afghans and international citizens.”

“The UN Security Council issued a joint statement today calling for a new government that is united, inclusive, and representative—including with the full and meaningful participation of women,” Ryan told the media.

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Conservative blogger Matt Walsh nailed it when he said this isn’t a “Babylon Bee skit!” You can’t make this up!


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Remember when Trump was in office, and people took the United States seriously?

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