He may not have a clue about which state or even which country he’s in while he’s giving a speech, but one thing Joe still has is an active imagination.

When he’s not lying about Amtrak, a story that’s been debunked multiple times as a complete lie, he’s telling bizarre and offputting stories about his time as a lifetime politician.

Today, he told a doozy! Biden stood in front of a crowd at the National Association of Counties in Washington, D.C., and explained how when a woman complained about a dog lying in her front yard he went there to address her concerns. According to the slightly coherent buffoon, when he got to her front yard, he discovered the dog was dead. What he explained that he did with the dead dog was anything but funny.

Dog lovers are gonna love this one!


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Putting a dead dog on a woman’s doorstep is about as funny as calling a young woman who doesn’t believe you can win a national election, a “lying dog-faced pony-soldier!”


Biden has these little “not a joke” stories down pat. He remembers them like it was yesterday, but he can’t remember what’s happening today.

Here’s Joe telling his fake news story about Amtrak  for the umpteenth time:

Our trip down memory lane with Joe Biden wouldn’t be complete without sharing Joe’s  “Corn Pop” fairytale.

He may the worst unelected “president” in American history, but Joe sure has provided Americans with a lot of laughs.

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