Do conservatives in Ronald Reagan’s home state really have a chance of succeeding from the communist, open-borders, sanctuary state of California?

Two men have launched a campaign to divide rural California from the coastal cities, motivated by what they referred to as a “tyrannical form of government,” that doesn’t follow the state or federal constitution, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Unlike the failed 2016 campaign to split California into 6 states, the “New California” movement, founded by Robert Paul Preston and Tom Reed, seeks to consolidate rural California into a distinct economy separate from the coast.

Democrats and Republicans tend to live in different parts of the state.

The regional distribution of likely voters mirrors that of the state’s overall adult population (27% Los Angeles, 21% San Francisco Bay Area, 17% Orange/San Diego, 17% Central Valley, 9% Inland Empire, 9% other counties). Most Democrats live in Los Angeles County (31%) or the San Francisco Bay Area (25%), while most Republicans live in the Central Valley (23%), Orange and San Diego Counties (22%), or Los Angeles County (20%). Independents are most likely to live in Los Angeles County (28%) or the San Francisco Bay Area (25%).

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Under the New California movement, counties in red represent state involved in the statehood movement, while counties in yellow represent the “old California” and counties in blue would remain neutral.

Preston and Reed say the citizens of the state live “under a tyrannical form of government that does not follow the California and U.S. Constitutions.”

The “founders” have evoked Article IV Section 3 of the United States Constitution as justification for establishing a new economy with a new state constitution.

It states that a consensus must be reached by the state legislatures of California as well as congress. The process, according to New California representatives, could take 10 to 18 months.

The New California movement unveiled a “Declaration of Independence,” earlier this week that called for a “free and Independent State” with “full power to establish and maintain law and order, to promote general prosperity.” –Fox News


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