Somehow, John Fetterman was dragged through the finished line of Pennsylvania’s Senate race on Tuesday, overtaking GOP opponent Mehmet Oz. Despite his lack of ability to communicate effectively following his stroke in May, the Democrats somehow managed to convince enough people that he was capable of being a political leader.

As he struggled to articulate full sentences on his campaign trail, it only seemed to strengthen the support he got from his political party. Although he is unable to comprehend what others are saying and respond effectively, the Democrats have insisted that this is the leader we need in our struggling country.

An NBC News reporter that interviewed Fetterman revealed that he couldn’t understand what she was saying to him without the use of closed captioning, prompting a scathing response from Fetterman’s wife Gisele, who demanded the reporter face consequences for sharing this information.

Just a week before the elections, Fetterman appeared on Fox29 where he was asked how he would prove to voters that he is capable of being a Senator. Fetterman responded by going on a bizarre tangent about fracking, forcing the host to reiterate the question. Again, Fetterman gave an elementary response that highlighted his inability to formulate coherent thoughts and sentences.

And the issue isn’t that his responses are slow or choppy. The real problem is that the things he says don’t make sense, and his responses to questions are idiotic.


Somehow, it is not important to this country if one of our leaders is mentally and physically unfit to lead. It is not Fetterman’s fault that he had a stroke, but at some point, there must be standards upheld regarding who is fit to lead the United States of America.

After winning the majority of votes during Tuesday’s midterm elections, MSNBC host Katy Tur shockingly suggested that Fetterman could run for president.

“Fetterman as a nominee at some point for president,” said Tur. “Um, I know there are some variables obviously…”

“But, what he did in the super-red, deep-red parts of Pennsylvania and the way he ran ahead of Biden… ran ahead of Trump, and it just makes you wonder about his future,” she added.

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell also heaped praise on Fetterman for doing well with “White non-college-educated voters,” and former White House press secretary Jen Psaki praised his authenticity.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson shared many people’s dismay at Fetterman winning the Pennsylvania Senate seat.

“Not only did John Fetterman win, but he won without speaking a single coherent sentence for the entire campaign,”  Carlson said, adding,

“John Fetterman, in winning, shattered the thickest of all glass ceilings, which for centuries has prevented the unapologetically brain damaged from winning statewide election. So John Fetterman is not just a U.S. senator now, he’s a pioneer. And there’s nothing the Democratic loves and reveres and elevates more quickly than a pioneer… So the question is, given his awe-inspiring achievement, how can John Fetterman not be the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in 2024?”

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