The NRA’s Dana Loesch is spot on in her rebuke of Senator Elizabeth Warren who behaved like a child during a speech. She made the claim that she felt she just had to go to the Trump inauguration. She then claimed that witnessing the inauguration is  “burned into the backs of her eyeballs…Huh??? Who says that? Can you imagine if a Republican Senator said something like that about attending Obama’s inauguration? You can bet that Senator would feel the heat from the Democrats! Have you ever seen such hypocrisy?

Thank you, Dana Loesch for saying what everyone’s thinking about phony Liz Warren!

“What has Elizabeth Warren done by the way? Except try to appropriate American Indian, Native American ethnicity for her own professional and personal gain. And never apologized for it and continued to lie about it. Even to this day.”

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For anyone who still holds out hope that Senator Elizabeth Warren has Indian roots, here’s the truth. It doesn’t get more truthful than this interview with Twila Barnes. Tucker Carlson interviewed the Cherokee Genealogist:

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The Tucker Carlson Tonight reports:

Tucker: Is Elizabeth Warren a Cherokee Indian?

Barnes: No. She’s not enrolled. She has no family on the rolls, she has no indication of Indian ancestry anywhere in her lineage.

Tucker: What do you know about [the parents’ elopement story], is that true?

Barnes: I don’t believe it’s true. They were married by a prominent minister in a town just maybe 15 miles away…. I don’t think he would have done a wedding for two kids that ran away an eloped and their parents didn’t approve. Also, Elizabeth Warren’s father, he had at least one brother and one sister who also just went and had small weddings the same way. I just think it’s the way their family did things at the time. I don’t think it was an elopement.

Tucker: There’s a lot of American Indians in Oklahoma, what do they think of these claims?

Barnes: Well I can’t speak for all of them, I could speak for the ones that I talk to. Some just laugh, because it’s so ludicrous. I mean, you know, she has no proof of anything. She’s a lawyer, and she’s supposed to understand you need proof, yet she keeps claiming. Many are angry because they feel like she’s appropriating an identity to gain something from that. And she has no respect for true Native Americans.”

Tucker: I think all of that’s true, it’s identity theft, there’s no doubt.

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