Leftist radicals ad criminals are taking over New York City. While leftists are setting up autonomous zones in front of City Hall, NYC’s Communist Mayor Bill De Blasio is working to strip $1 billion in funding from the men and women who wake up every day and literally put their lives on the line.

The NYPD has turned their backs on Comrade DeBlasio before, will they continue to work in a city where radicals are hijacking law and order, while a sympathetic mayor sits back and watches his city being overtaken by Anarchists and the Marxist BLM movement?


Crime in NYC is reaching levels citizens have not seen since the 1990’s.

The number of shooting victims has gone up 51 percent to 616 this year in NYC.

In June, there were 250 shootings compared to 97 in the same month in 2019.

Many blame New York’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, who has slashed police funding.

Harrowing surveillance footage captured the moment a man was fatally shot while crossing a Bronx street — hand-in-hand with his 6-year-old daughter.

The clip, tweeted by Rodney Harrison, the NYPD’s chief of detectives, opens with Anthony Robinson approaching the intersection of Sheridan Avenue and East 170th Street in Mount Eden around 5:50 p.m. Sunday.

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Clasping his young daughter’s left hand in his right, Robinson, 29, stops at a crosswalk to eye a dark sedan slowing next to them, appearing to check whether the driver was turning into their path.

But the driver continues to roll along next to father and daughter as they cross Sheridan Avenue, the video shows.

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The shooter then sticks a handgun out of the passenger’s window and opens fire, striking Robinson in the chest.

As Robinson crumples to the pavement, his terrified daughter takes off running down Sheridan Avenue, apparently unharmed, the footage shows.

Robinson, a resident of East New York, Brooklyn, was pronounced dead at BronxCare Health System.

His murder was one of eight across the city on a bloody Fourth of July weekend, his shooting one of at least 49.

***Warning***Video is graphic

NYP – Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday offered no concrete answers to address the recent wave of shootings plaguing the Big Apple — as he dodged questions from every major city newspaper.

“[There’s] a lot we need to do to provide more and better options, particularly for young people in Harlem, in Upper Manhattan,” de Blasio told reporters during his daily City Hall press briefing.

“We’ll have more to say on that in the next few days, but a lot will be done preparing for this weekend to change the reality on the ground,” de Blasio said.

The non-specific comments come amid an ultra-violent uptick in New York that includes a grisly Fourth of July holiday weekend in which at least 49 people were shot — 11 fatally — mostly in Upper Manhattan, and a violent June with 205 city shootings recorded, making it the bloodiest June in the Big Apple since 1996 when the NYPD logged 236 incidents.

Daily Mail – Two bullet-ridden bodies lay sprawled on bloodstained concrete steps. Alongside, relatives of the victims are wailing and collapse to the ground. In another part of the city, a gang of youths use spray paint to disable security cameras before robbing a corner store. Later, video footage captures police officers sitting helplessly in their patrol car as a baying crowd hurls glass bottles at them.

This is lawless New York – a city that was once America’s glittering crown jewel but which risks descending into mob rule.

Murder figures have skyrocketed and a combination of the coronavirus pandemic, Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests and weak political leadership is in danger of achieving what Osama Bin Laden never could: bringing the Big Apple to its knees.

Daily Mail – Shootings in New York City have doubled every week for the last three weeks. In the last seven days alone, the city has experienced a 142 percent surge in shootings compared to the same time period last year.

Speaking during a radio interview Sunday morning, former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly blamed the cause of the chaos on de Blasio’s decision to slash $1 billion from the NYPD budget earlier in the week.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea previously disbanded an anti-crime plainclothes unit that had focused on stopping people and searching for guns.

‘Here, the mayor eliminated the anti-crime units, which were probably the most effective tool that existed in the department for decades to fight violent street crime,’ Kelly said. ‘So that was a direct signal of surrender.’

Earlier, President Donald also criticized de Blasio, in addition to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, warning them that he’s ‘ready’ to intervene if necessary.

‘Shootings up significantly in NYC where people are demanding that [Gov. Andrew Cuomo] and [Mayor Bill de Blasio] act now,’ Trump continued. ‘Federal Government ready, willing and able to help, if asked.’

Trump also referenced the rise in violent gun crime in Chicago, which appeared to experience the worst of the violence this weekend as 77 people were injured in shootings and 14 were killed, including two children.

The Police Benevolent Association, the NYPD’s largest union, also tweeted out against de Blasio Sunday, writing: ‘Criminals with guns fear no consequences,’ adding that the mayor owes his ‘constituents an explanation’.

Hours earlier, two NYPD officers were injured in the Bronx late Saturday after a bullet was fired through the windshield of their marked SUV.

The officers had pulled up to a barricade outside Mott Haven’s 40th Precinct just before midnight on July 4 when the shot was fired.

Chilling surveillance footage shows two pedestrians crossing the street in front of the idling SUV just moments before the bullet is seen piercing the windshield, sending a puff of debris shooting up from the vehicle’s hood.

The round passed between the two officers, who were sat in the front seats, and embedded into a divider between the back seats, authorities said.

One officer was cut in the face from shattered glass while the other suffered ringing ears. Both were treated for their injuries at local hospitals.

It remains unclear whether the vehicle was intentionally targeted or the bullet was a stray round. No arrests were immediately announced.

Zero Hedge – Of course, New York still has a long way to go if it wants to rival Chicago.  According to authorities, there are more than 100,000 gang members living in Chicago at this point, and the violence never seems to stop.

Sadly, the last couple of days have been particularly bad.  Over the 4th of July weekend, at least 67 people were hit by gunfire in the Windy City…

At least 67 people were shot, including 13 fatally, over the Independence Day weekend in Chicago, according to authorities.

Nine of the weekend’s victims were minors, and two children died, officials told Fox32. That includes 14-year-old boy who was among four people who were killed in the South Side neighborhood Englewood on Saturday evening.

But instead of blaming the criminals, the Chicago Sun-Times seems to think that “cutting funding for police could lead to a better and safer Chicago”.


Do people actually believe such nonsense?

Philadelphia is another major city that is seeing a massive increase in violent crime at the same time funding for the police is being cut back…

Shootings are up 67 percent. Victims of armed violence are up 29 percent. Homicides are up 25 percent. So of course it makes sense to defund the Philadelphia PD by $19 million.

Most Americans desperately want their neighborhoods to feel safe, and this could be the one issue that could rescue the Republicans from a potential disaster in the November election.

Right now, most Democrats are extremely hesitant to speak out against the violent protests that we have been witnessing all over the nation, and that is a huge mistake.

What we are witnessing all over the country right now is incredibly sad.  In the aftermath of the tragic death of George Floyd, it would have been wonderful to see the entire nation unite behind an effort to make our society less violent, more just and more peaceful.  But instead, we have seen a tremendous explosion of violence and lawlessness that doesn’t seem likely to end any time soon.

And we definitely witnessed more alarming violence during the political protests that were held over the past few days.  For example, protesters in Portland were launching projectiles and shooting fireworks at police officers in Portland for hours.  If Democrats want to win over independent voters, they cannot be seen as siding with such violence.

By engaging in such utter lawlessness, these radical protesters are actually hurting their own cause, because it is only going to help President Trump.

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