What were they thinking? The Empire State Building was flashing red like a siren in an attempt to salute healthcare workers, but it was sending a different message to many New Yorkers.

Rita J. King posted a video of the flashing red iconic building with the comment:

“The Empire State building reminding us that the city is in the middle of an emergency.”

King then said she supports the effort, but the red flashing light should be replaced with the iconic heartbeat to “soothe the nervous New Yorkers…”

“I fully support the intention of this effort by the Empire State Bldg but recommend that the siren be replaced by the iconic pulsing heartbeat effect to reassure our heroic healthcare workers that their efforts will succeed, and soothe nervous New Yorkers now sheltering in place.”

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The intention was there, but the red flashing light was misunderstood by many who said it was “scary” and that they didn’t need to be reminded that the city is in emergency mode.

-Nice way to add to anxiety and panic. 

-Seriously. That siren light is traumatic as hell. You can honor the frontline emergency workers without upping everyone’s stress levels with a hyperactive Eye of Sauron.

-I know it pays respect and appreciation to our Emergency Medical Heroes, but as regular New Yorker, it has struck fear and intense anxiety through my entire body.


The tweet explaining the intention but New Yorkers were not happy with this misunderstood flashing red light:

What do you think about this tribute? Missed the mark or spot on?

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