Obama hosted a fundraiser for a bunch of wealthy donors on Martha’s Vineyard this week while riots and flooding devastate two cities. No mention of either situation in Obama’s speech but Obama had time to take a swipe at Hillary Clinton’s opponent in the presidential race. Obama said he’s sick of talking about Trump  and went on to praise Clinton “great job” as secretary of state. What a joke! The funniest line of the night from Obama had to be this:

Obama said Clinton is “not always the flashiest” but she is “the person who’s going to do the work.”

Headlining a Democratic fundraiser while vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama said he is weary of mentioning Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and urged donors to continue backing Hillary Clinton.

“Frankly I’m tired of talking about her opponent,” Obama told 60 donors who had paid $10,000 to attend the fundraiser.

“I don’t have to make the case against her opponent because every time he talks, he makes the case against his own candidacy,” he said, according to a pool press report on his remarks provided by the Wall Street Journal.

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Obama also expressed a warning about the unpredictability of this election cycle.

“If we are not running scared until the day after the election, we are going to be making a grave mistake,” he said.

As expected, Obama also had praise for Clinton, who served as his secretary of state after losing to him in the 2008 Democratic primary, saying he’s seen her in “really tough pressure situations.”
“I’m a Democrat, so it’s fair to say that whoever the Democratic nominee was, I would want to get behind them,” Obama said, according to the pool report. “But I don’t display the kinds of enthusiasm and energy and commitment to Hillary candidacy just because of the fact we belong to the same political party.”

He continued: “Until you sit at that desk and you’re making life and death decisions, and you’re deploying young men and women to war, or you’re having to avert a crisis that could affect millions or in some cases billions of lives, you don’t know how you’re going to respond.”

Obama said Clinton is “not always the flashiest” but she is “the person who’s going to do the work.”

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