Former President Obama endorsed “Sleepy” Joe Biden today and during the recorded endorsement he made an outrageous claim. He said that the Republicans have “a Propaganda Network with little regard for the truth.”

This is after yesterday’s coverage of CNN’s biased chyrons (see below) during the president’s press conference.

Just one day after CNN ran hysterical chyrons (see below) during Trump’s Press Briefing that called them out for Fake News, Former President Obama is saying that Republicans have “a Propaganda Network with little regard for the truth.”

Yeah, right.

One of the tools that the fake news uses is the banner at the bottom of the screen, aka the chyron. The banner changes on the screen during interviews or during press conferences.

CNN and MSNBC  use these banners to push leftist propaganda (see below) and anti-Trump narratives.

During today’s Coronavirus Task Force press conference, the CNN banner operator went wild with anti-Trump chyron after chyron. Triggered? Social media went after CNN with screenshots that include what the president was talking about when the chyron was on the screen.

Check out some of the banners used during the press conference. It’s fantastic that Abigail Marone got the screenshots along with what President Trump was talking about at that moment.

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This is the chyron CNN put on screen as President Trump discussed amazing technical innovations that allow us to sterilize N95 masks, providing more PPE to the front line health care workers.

There were more:

If this doesn’t reveal the CNN agenda, nothing does.


This is a huge problem and it’s something most people probably don’t notice but it’s deceitful. Just for kicks, watch CNN and take a screenshot with your phone of the lies in the subtitle at the bottom of the screen. We’d love to see what you find.




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