Katy Perry was a huge Obama supporter during his campaign and even made splashy appearances with him wearing a dress that had “FORWARD” written on the front.

She wore three dresses in support of Obama’s campaign in blatant attempts to sway young voters:

This is why it’s so ironic that the pop singer is getting into hot water over her new shoe collection that critics say looks like “blackface”.

The revues criticized the shoes and sandals for resembling traditional blackface with red lips but the nude shoe looks exactly the same.

Perry’s shoe collection is being sold at Dillard’s and Walmart. Two of the shoe styles called out for looking like blackface are the “Rue Face Slip-On Loafers” and the “Ora Face Block Heel Sandal (pictured below).”


TMZ reports:

Katy’s catching major heat for having the shoes on store shelves. Even singer Masika Kalysha is calling for Katy to answer for this, saying on social media … “So we just gonna let Katy Perry slide?”

The shoes are just two of the shoes in the entire collection by Perry. According to representatives for Perry, both of the shoe styles pictured above are being pulled in order to be “respectful and sensitive”.

Gucci and Prada brands have also come under fire for items that look like “blackface” In the case of Prada it was a keychain and Gucci was in hot water over a sweater.


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