Kehinde Wiley was chosen by Barack Obama to paint a portrait for the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. The big question now that we’ve seen the portrait is why the former president chose such a controversial artist. Our answer: This is really the last slap in the face to America from a president that detests us having followed a “pastor” who preached hateful black liberation theology. Remember Rev. Wright’s hate for America? Obama’s sending us a message…

We previously reported that Wiley painted portraits of black women beheading white women.

Now we find out from the art world that Wiley includes sperm within his paintings. Perverse and so ridiculous. Did Obama know this? How could he not know because it’s well documented in several publications. The comments on wiley aren’t the most flattering:

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Daily Caller reports:

Wiley has been described as “predatory” and “perverse” by The Village Voice.

Mrs. Sawyer’s Opus pointed out that, “in the majority of the critiques of his work, nowhere is it discussed the blatant sexual and homoerotic overtones of Wiley’s images.”

Wiley’s St. Andrew with sperm included…WTH!

Wiley’s version of “Napoleon Leading the Army of the Alps” (BELOW) also features sperm, according to Dawson and Mrs. Sawyer’s Opus, among others. The painting includes “dozens of little sperm cells” across the canvas, the blog said, noting that the corners of the portrait’s frame contains “an egg-like orb with sperm cells crawling on them.”

And Dawson suggested that the painting be subtitled “(Through a Light Ejaculate Mist).”


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