The University Of Missouri students, and many on the faculty joined Obama’s race war in November, 2015. Together, they began a PR campaign to ensure black students were guaranteed special treatment on campus that would only be afforded to them. Of course white students who’ve been ovewhelmed by “White guilt,” (thanks to professors and teachers who make it their business to shame students for being born white) joined the cause to help relieve them of the burden they carry, as a result of their ancestors crimes. As a side note, it makes no difference if you just became a citizen last year. If you’re white and live in America…you’re guilty! 

We covered the Black Lives Matter protests at Mizzou extensively. We told you about Dr. Dale Brigham, a beloved University of Missouri professor, who resigned after he refused to cancel a school exam during the Mizzou hunger strike and athlete’s boycott. We showed you a DISTURBING VIDEO of an innocent Asian reporter who was bullied by Black Lives Matter protestors while attempting to cover the hunger strike of a not-so-poor oppressed student, who we exposed as the son of a multi-millionaire railroad executive. We reported about the Mizzou teacher who assaulted a reporter. We exposed the spoiled and self-centered behavior of the students involved in this divisive movement, when they admonished the world for caring more about the Paris terror attacks than their plight for justice. And finally, we reported about a highly recruited football player who after watching the hateful, divisive rhetoric being spewed by the professors and students at Mizzou decided to decline their offer to play football. This was the first step in the unravelling of the University Of Missouri.

Here are a few of the tweets we saw from protestors and supporters claiming victory in their fight for “justice”:

Jump to March, 2016, to see what the Black Lives Matter students and professors were able to accomplish for the good of the University:

University of Missouri (MU) is losing about 1500 students and is facing a huge $32 million budget shortfall four months after it attracted national attention as the site of massive race-based campus protests.

“I am writing to you today to confirm that we project a very significant budget shortfall due to an unexpected sharp decline in first-year enrollments and student retention this coming fall. I wish I had better news,” said MU interim chancellor Hank Foley in a Wednesday letter to school staff that was obtained by Fox Sports.

According to Foley’s letter, MU will have about 1500 fewer students in fall 2016 compared to last year, an unexpected drop that is in turn causing a big dip in the school’s tuition income.

Because of the abrupt and unexpected nature of the shortfall, Foley is taking immediate and severe steps to fix the situation: The school budget is being cut 5 percent across the board, all hiring is being frozen (barring exceptional circumstances), and annual raises have been canceled.


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