Oink Oink! Donald Trump May Pocket Pork Package


As we reported previously, Donald Trump is no fan of The Great $900 Billion, 5593-page Congressional Covid Con Job.  This is because the only thing it stimulates in a rational person is a gag reflex as they choke on the billions of dollars in pork being shoveled down their throat just before Christmas.

However, while Donald Trump will likely veto the bill, it is even more likely that he will use a ‘pocket veto’ to do so.

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A pocket veto simply means the president will choose to take no action on the bill, effectively tabling the discussion so he can run out the clock before the start of the next Congressional session.  The rules state that, if Congress adjourns within the 10-day period and the president does not sign the bill, it is automatically vetoed, and the veto is absolute.  By doing this rather than an official presidential veto, the President does not risk his presidential veto of this Stimulus Swindle being overridden by Congress.  By placing the veto figuratively in his back pocket until later, no such override vote can take place and no Covid pork package can be passed.  So even though it isn’t officially vetoed, it is effectively vetoed.  Most presidents end up using the pocket veto, though Trump has not, yet, used it during his first term as president.

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We can’t be sure what Trump will do.  He might even decide to sign the bill.  However, Trump was scheduled to fly to his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida on Wednesday and had no other events on his schedule.  So, we suspect he had this $900 billion dollar spending bill in his back pocket as he sat on the flight.

And we hope it stayed there, despite what our chiropractor says.

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