Shortly after the CDC made a statement about vaccinated people being able to go maskless in public, Barack Obama and Susan Rice’s spokesperson, “President” Joe Biden, tweeted a warning to Americans.

“The rule is simple,” Biden’s tweet began. The “simple” part is likely directed at MAGA supporters, who Democrats falsely believe are intellectually challenged. “get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do,” Biden tweeted—as though Joe has some magic power to mandate that unvaccinated Americans wear a face covering for the rest of their lives.

Old Joe, whose wife, Dr. “nurse” Jill, is likely tying his shoes in the morning, ended his tweet with, “The choice is yours.” It’s curious that Joe would say the “choice is yours” after warning that the “rule” is you must wear a mask if you refuse to get a vaccination.

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Is the choice really ours? What about college kids who are being threatened by the universities they’re paying a small fortune to attend, that they MUST show proof of vaccination, or they won’t be able to return to campus? Although the risk of dying from COVID-19 for people under 25 is 0.1%, we still have colleges and universities getting away with these threatening our youth to be vaccinated or stay home from school. Where’s the choice for these kids, Joe?

Washington Times reports- In a typical year, almost three million people die in the U.S., about one percent of the population, with a jump in 2020 because of COVID-19. The COVID-19 death toll continued at a high level until this past month when the total number of people vaccinated began to have the desired effect of reducing the death rate sharply. So, everyone wants to know when the pandemic will be “over” — herd immunity or whatever — so they can try to live a normal life again.

As a benchmark, it is worth noting that in the typical year more than 100 people die each day from automobile accidents, from suicides, and from the flu and pneumonia — and we don’t shut down the economy and take other extreme measures to deal with these daily tragedies — life must go on.

2020 U.S. Death Chart

At the current rate of immunization, the daily death toll in the U.S. from COVID-19 may be less than 100 a day in most of the country by the end of this month. Remember, not everyone needs to be vaccinated for the virus to stop spreading at nothing more than a tiny rate (there will always be pockets of infection — as there is with polio in some countries). A substantial portion of the population has natural immunity or had the virus, whether they knew it or not, and thus are also almost completely immune

As noted, some in government will have a vested interest in claiming we must have some restrictions and mask wearing until the last COVID case – which will never happen.  All of those folks who produce masks and other protective equipment also have an interest in keeping the crisis going as long as possible.

If you are under 24, you have more chance of dying from a bicycle accident than you do from COVID-19. One of greatest frauds of all time was conducted by some teachers’ unions with bogus claims of danger — but in reality they were interested in continuing to get paid for little or no work as long as possible — regardless of the facts.

The popular conservative Scott Presler had the perfect response to our “elected” President’s tweet. Presler reminded Joe that “the government has no authority to tell me how to live as a private citizen.” Presler also pointed out that thanks to HIPPA privacy rules, Americans CANNOT be forced to disclose their health records.

Finally, in a separate tweet, Presler asked if Joe is going to start restricting the food of obese Americans, as 2.8 million people die of obesity every year.

The outspoken AZ GOP Chair, Dr. Kelli Ward, also blasted Biden as she reminded him that “the government does NOT grant liberty” to its citizens.

History will not treat most of our government leaders, health care professionals, and media folks well over the COVID-19 pandemic because too many of them let their own egos and ideologies get in the way of sound policies based on the best numbers. Even more disturbing was the willingness of the political class to defer to public health folks while almost totally ignoring the overriding of constitutional protections and the erosion of basic liberties:- Richard W. Rahn, chairman of the Institute for Global Economic Growth and MCon LLC.

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