Yesterday, a massive convoy of an estimated 50,000 + truck drivers drove across Canada to protest the COVID-related mandates, including vaccine regulations for crossing the Canada-US border. The truck convoy in Canada set off on a ‘Freedom Rally’, starting in northern British Columbia and ending in the Canadian capital city, Ottowa.

The movement captivated Canadian individuals, families, and groups who shared videos, photos, and messages of support on Twitter and other social media platforms.

A powerful video showing one man standing alone, waving the Canadian flag is a great example of the power of one standing for freedom for all.

Some gather in thousands, some in groups of tens, and some stand as the lone wolfs in the freezing cold of Saskatchewan.

This convoy has definitely brought national unity that has not been seen before in a long time.


In the video below, an emotional Canadian explains why they stand in frigid temperatures to show their support for the truckers protesting for the freedoms of all Canadians.

Law enforcement took a stand with the massive #Truckers4Freedom movement.

Watch this female police officer offer her support in a powerful statement:

Now, after suffering four full days of humiliation for his radical COVID policies, the fully-vaxxed and boosted Prime Minster Trudeau is isolating himself after being exposed to COVID.

If the lie that about how being vaxxed and boosted to protect an individual from contracting or spreading COVID is to be believed, why is Trudeau hiding from his constituents?

Was Trudeau really exposed to COVID, or is he simply hiding after one of the largest international embarrassments over an authoritarian government’s handling of COVID restrictions to date?


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