There is a particular photo of a little “refugee” boy lying dead on the beach that went viral last year.

It is true that the photo is very sad
and makes you reflect on the distress of people
fleeing their country at the risk of their lives.

pictureThe above photo shows people
walking to reach their final objective,
life in a European country.
Even if this photo were to make it around the world,
only 1% of the people would notice the truth.

In the photo, there are seven men and one woman. This should tell you everything you need to know about who is really being left behind to face unimaginable persecution by radical Muslim terrorists.

Look a bit closer, and you’ll notice that the woman has bare feet.
She is accompanied by three children, and of the three, she is carrying two.
Notice that none of the men are helping her.
Why? Because in their culture the woman represents nothing.
She is only good enough to be a slave to the men.
Do you really believe that these men could integrate
in our society and respect our customs and traditions?

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Now you know why this picture is worth 1,000 words.

-100% FED Up! 

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