Bill O’Reilly was dismissed overnight from FOX News allegedly over allegations of sexual harassment by at least six women. Was O’Reilly ousted from FOX News over allegations made by women like the one who is already out promoting herself on TV shows like “The View”, or because he DEMANDED both sides of the story were being heard on his show? (Watch one of the accuser’s interviews on The View HERE.)

Bill O’Reilly took on highly controversial topics on his FOX News “The O’Reilly Factor” show that other TV hosts wouldn’t touch for fear of being labeled by the left as a “racist,” a “hate-monger” or “a right-wing nazi sympathizer!” O’Reilly demanded both sides of the story were being told and for over 20 years he was able to rise to the top for having the courage to do just that on his wildly popular “The O’Reilly Factor” show. Bill wasn’t afraid to invite flame-throwers like Al Sharpton to appear on his show, in fact he relished it. O’Reilly knew that if he was able to get these bad-actors on his show, that through logical discourse, he would very likely be able to expose them to his massive audience. Almost like magic, within 10-15 minutes O’Reilly  was usually able to discredit them while exposing their hidden radical agenda. The video below is a perfect example of how with a respectful tone, and with composure that most of us wouldn’t be able to maintain, he forces his radical leftist guests to explain their positions. By dissecting their argument and forcing them to explain themselves to his viewers, he was able to expose the hypocrisy and lies of their positions.

In the interview below, O’Reilly attempts to expose how the “Democratic Party is trying to undermine federal law, undermine law enforcement in general and upend our capitalistic system.” O’Reilly asks a VERY IMPORTANT question of his viewers, “How many Americans even know that it is happening?” In his interview with Criminal Defense Attorney Kisha Hebdan and NYC Councilman Humane Williams, Bill O’Reilly exposes the hypocrisy of the left and their support for Black Lives Matter, Abortion and illegal immigration. There aren’t too many hosts who can attack all three of these very controversial subjects in one interview, but then again, that’s why O’Reilly had substantially more viewers than any other news host on cable TV. That’s also a very good reason to eliminate him from your lineup if you’re James and Lachlan Murdoch, the two liberal sons of Rupert Murdoch, who owns the FOX News network where the #1-rated host Bill O’Reilly has reached a massive audience for over 20 years.

Watch one video that perfectly illustrates why the left is cheering from the rooftops now that Bill O’Reilly no longer has the ability to expose them: 

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As an added bonus, watch Bill O’Reilly as he exposed the lies of the left being pushed on Americans about police officers using racial hatred by low-life race-baiters like Al Sharpton:

In this video, O’Reilly continues to expose the lies of the left about the racial divide in America. Bill O’Reilly points out “Racial politics are abhorrent and black Americans should rebel against them.” 

Earlier this week we published a story about the liberal sons of Rupert Murdoch and about their liberal wives, one of whom regularly posts anti-Trump tweets and is employed by the Clinton Climate Initiative.

From the article “IS FOX NEWS ABOUT TO BECOME CNN?”:

With the liberal sons of Rupert Murdoch now firmly at the helm of what once was a conservative-leaning alternative to leftist cable news shows like CNN, MSNBC and the mainstream media news outlets, there is a very good chance Americans are witnessing the end of a significant era where FOX News ruled the ratings and liberal-run propaganda networks only dreamed of the kind of revenue they were pulling down.
It has been reported that Lachlan’s wife Sarah Murdoch helped influence the decision. Last year the former Fox News creator, Roger Ailes, was sacked in similar circumstances, going on to advise Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.
Murdoch’s support for Trump distinguishes him from some of his children, including James, who told more than one friend of his dismay that his father was backing the Trump candidacy. James’s wife, Kathryn, backed Hillary Clinton during the campaign and has been a vocal critic of the new president on Twitter. In September Kathryn tweeted: “A vote for Trump is a vote for climate catastrophe”, while on the night of the president’s stunning election victory she wrote: “I can’t believe this is happening. I am so ashamed.”
James and Kathryn are committed environmentalists: she is on the board of the Environmental Defense Fund, which a Fox News report recently labelled a “leftwing group”, while James wrote in The Washington Post in 2009 that “conservation-minded conservatives” were “missing in the heated partisanship of today’s politics”. – Financial Times



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