In the latest episode of the Laws For Thee, But Not For Me files, we see Oregon’s incoming Democrat Secretary Of State, Shemia Fagan, hosting a gathering of about 12 people, many of them, including Fagan herself, not wearing masks.

This is in direct violation of Governor Kate Brown’s Covid restriction orders.

You may recall that Governor Brown recently ordered that gatherings may not exceed six people and they cannot be from more than two households.

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But I guess those orders don’t count when Brown’s friend, Fagan, wants to host a birthday party for her kid. Fagan is rumored to be an early favorite to run for Governor in 2022.

The party took place in Clackamas County, just south of Portland. Clackamas County has reiterated the same restrictions set forth by the governor:

The holidays are usually a time for friends and family to get together and celebrate the season. However, this year as COVID-19 is spreading through our communities, we want to remind you of the two-week statewide freeze in Oregon that remains in place from Nov. 18 through Dec. 2, 2020. Beginning Dec. 3, Clackamas County will follow the new health and safety framework announced by Governor Brown.

Indoor gatherings can be a high-risk event for spreading viruses. If you plan on celebrating this year, please review a few reminders for holiday gatherings below.

If you’re hosting a holiday gathering this year:

  • Limit the gathering to no more than six people total (indoor and/or outdoor)
  • Limit the gathering to no more than one additional household
  • Gather outdoors, when possible
  • Encourage family or friends to stay home if they feel sick, have COVID-19 symptoms (even mild symptoms), and/or if they are at risk for severe illness (over age 65 or have underlying medical conditions)

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Joining in on the festivities is her latest boyfriend, Matthew Westerbeck, who is a “refugee resettlement” lobbyist for Catholic charities.

According to PJ Media, who first broke the story, a concerned neighbor snapped the photos:

Several folks were seen milling about outside under pop-up tents, and inside the residence as well. None wore masks, despite the governor’s emergency COVID-19 orders. The residence was identified as Shemia Fagan’s home, where she hosted a child’s birthday party. On November 25, Gov. Brown placed 21 counties into an “Extreme Risk” category and extended deadlines for restrictions on social gatherings through the month of December. These restrictions include no more than six visitors from no more than two households for private gatherings, indoors or out.

The controversy around Fagan comes at a time when rumors are swirling in Oregon’s capital of Salem. Many believe that Kate Brown, who can’t run for reelection as governor due to term limits, has attempted to position herself in a favorable light for a spot in a Biden-Harris administration in January. The secretary of state is second in the line of succession in Oregon if the governor resigns or is incapable of continuing in the job. In fact, that’s how Brown first elevated to Oregon’s governor, after John Kitzhaber resigned due to scandal early in 2015. Should the new administration tap Brown for a position in DC, Fagan would elevate to the governor’s mansion, having served for a matter of weeks as secretary of state.

Lots of moving parts here, but it appears Shemia Fagan follows Kate Brown’s example that COVID-19 regulations must exempt (Democrat) elected officials. Remember, Kate Brown was caught violating her own mask order over the summer.

Governor Kate Brown recently called on people to “uninvite” their family for holiday festivities. She also urges citizens to rat out their neighbors who violate her dictates. She insists that her whims will be enforced by police.


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