Earlier today, President Trump blasted the MI Senate Oversight Chair Ed McBroom (R) and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R), accusing them of trying to “hide the truth” about the 2020 election.

In their report that was released yesterday, the two Republicans say they found no evidence of fraud in the 2020 election even though a forensic audit has not been done and is the only way to prove there was no fraud. Red flags are everywhere in Michigan, and Republicans shouldn’t refuse a complete forensic audit unless they have something to hide.

This comes just a day after Michigan Rep. Steve Carra introduced a bill asking for a forensic audit of the 2020 election. The bill includes, “Making sure machines were not connected to the internet.”

Over 7.5 K affidavits were delivered to Senator Shirkey and Senator McBroom’s offices last week, requesting a forensic audit in Michigan. The response by these two Republican senators is a slap in the face to the thousands of Michigan citizens who want an investigation.

President Trump released a statement today targeting Senators Mike Shirkey (R) and Ed McBroom (R). In his statement, Trump claims the two state Senators were doing “everything possible” to stop another audit of the state’s election.

Arizona Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem also responded to the statement by the feckless Republican lawmakers in a tweet:

“As for those who spread unfounded conspiracy theories or false information, the [MI Senate] committee is also recommending that MIAG Dana Nessel consider investigating them.” Would love to see this go into a courtroom, Sen. Ed McBroom. 

Former MI Senator Patrick Colbeck, who became a target of the left and of RINOs in MI when he testified about tabulators that were potentially connected to the internet at the TCF Center where absentee ballots were counted in Detroit, responded to Mark Finchem’s tweet by saying:

I am simply sharing sworn affidavits of election fraud by everyday citizens. They respond by threats of prosecution for exercising right to free speech & redress of grievances. Their report is the latest “talk to the hand” dismissal of everyday Americans by our elected officials.

Antrim County Attorney Matthew DePerno responded to the Senators statement with this blistering press release:

June 24, 2021, | Press Release

On June 23, 2021, the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee released its Report on the November 2020 Election in Michigan. With this report, the Michigan Senate is attempting to cover up evidence of election fraud in the November 2020 general election. They are also using the mantle of government to proactively intimidate anyone from speaking out about election fraud. These attempts to silence citizens are a clear attempt to criminalize political speech and a violation of the First Amendment right to free speech, freedom to assemble, and right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Notwithstanding the unconstitutional and illegal intimidation tactics by corrupt politicians, we will continue to expose the truth to the American people. The Michigan Senate has also called for the Attorney General to conduct an unconstitutional and illegal criminal investigation of political speech. We caution Dana Nessel and Senator McBroom that we will ultimately present our evidence to a jury. No corrupt politicians will dictate how the jury interprets the evidence of overwhelming election fraud. 

The Michigan Senate has refused to meet with our attorneys and team of forensic experts to review actual evidence of election fraud. Reportedly, Senator McBroom (who has been accused in the past of violating people’s constitutional rights) has gone so far as to instruct the Republican caucus to not review evidence for themselves. If they don’t review the evidence, they can continue to say they have seen no evidence. Nevertheless, we have so far released 19 reports on election fraud through multiple legal briefs filed with the 13th Circuit Court in Antrim County. We are not done. Additional reports will be released soon. The Michigan Senate failed to properly address any of the evidence submitted in the 19 reports available for everyone to review at www.depernolaw.com. You can also see a great deal of the evidence at LetsFixStuff.org. These reports expose the inherent vulnerabilities and weak or nonexistent security protocols of voting machines. But more importantly, these reports also expose how the voting system and election in Antrim County was actually and definitively subverted through fraud and intentional manipulation of the voting machines; and by extrapolation, the State of Michigan.  

MCL 168.797c requires Secretary of State Benson to hold a copy of the voting machine source code in trust. She is also required to analyze and test the software at least annually. Through discovery, Ms. Benson acknowledged that she has violated this law; yet the Michigan Senate failed to mention this clear violation of Michigan law which provides clear evidence of voter fraud. 

On March 9, 2021, The Michigan Court of Claims ruled that Secretary of State Benson violated the Administrative Procedures Act when she issued her “Signature Verification and Voter Notification Standards.” The Michigan Senate report failed to highlight the implications of this violation of law which can be used to dump hundreds of thousands of ballots into tabulators. At the same time, the Michigan Senate failed to precisely deal with any of the 19 reports released in the Antrim County case. Rather, they took a very pedestrian and cursory view of the evidence by making broad conclusions on very technical and detailed reports. This demonstrates a complete lack of comprehension or intentional disregard. Senator McBroom’s report demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of elections and the purpose of audits. He declares, “the most effective way to verify the results is to simply count all ballots by hand.” Yet, he fails to recognize or acknowledge that every effort to count paper ballots is shut down. Senator McBroom, you cannot declare the solution is to count paper ballots but then permit a lawless Secretary of State to deny the very remedy you promote. You have subpoena power pursuant to MCL 4.101, yet you refuse to use it. 

Coincidently, the Michigan Senate has also suppressed information through internal unconstitutional nondisclosure agreements put in place to hide information from constituents and to avoid FOIA requests. On the other hand, we are seeking meaningful public hearings and forensic audits that will provide transparency. This is quite the contrast. The Michigan Constitution guarantees every voter the absolute right to audit the results of the statewide elections. This right is self-executing; meaning we do not need permission from any branch of the government. Yet we are continuously and illegally blocked from inspecting equipment, poll books, or ballots. The Constitution is on the side of freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, and freedom to redress grievances without unconstitutional and illegal threats of criminal prosecution from corrupt politicians. But Sen. McBroom, a self-avowed “Never Trumper” and progressive ideologue, is using his position to quash the free speech of millions of people. He would rather subvert the Constitution than “read mean tweets.” Even more outrageous is the call to prosecute his political adversaries. Frankly, Dana Nessel should be laughing at the call for prosecution of free speech. Sen. McBroom has no right to dictate content. He’s acting as a tyrant, not a public official. His report is a hit piece against people he doesn’t agree with; notice he failed to interview anyone with an opposing view. We fully expect this unlawful report and its suppressive content will lead to the recall of Sen. McBroom in due course. 

On June 23, 2021, the same day as the Michigan Senate released its poorly drafted document, Rasmussen Reports released a poll stating that 55% of voters support election audits. Barely one-in-five voters approve of the job their elected representatives are doing, and most rate congressional job performance as poor. The Arizona legislators have nearly completed their audit. Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin legislators are poised to pursue audits. Numerous state attorneys general are reviewing evidence of election fraud. But the Michigan legislators are going on summer break and calling for an investigation of anyone who seeks to investigate election fraud. This is shameful. Despite what our Michigan Senate may desire, the issue of election fraud will not disappear while they attend summer barbeques; nor do we think their constituents will be happy with their unconstitutional attempts to suppress the truth. More reports on election fraud to follow. Stay tuned. 

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