Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter account has been suspended after she posted about the transgender community’s “trans day of vengeance” planned for this week.

Greene warned about this planned event, as it is happening right after a transgender person shot up a Christian elementary school in Nashville and the transgender community has been threatening violence towards those who don’t agree with their agenda.

Her tweets about this have since been removed by Twitter.

“My Twitter account was suspended today,” Greene wrote in a now-deleted tweet. She then addressed Elon Musk, asking him for an explanation.

“@elonmusk, how is it violent speech to expose the ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ a day after a mass murder committed by a transgender shooter? And to call on the DOJ to investigate it?”

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“I condemned the incitement to violence & demanded a federal law enforcement investigation in the Tweet.”

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After her congressional account was banned, Greene again questioned Twitter’s reasoning for removing her tweets and censoring her.

Addressing Musk again, Greene posted to her personal account saying,

“Twitter’s [Ella Irwin] claims no one was given a ‘strike’ for warning the American people of political violence planned at the Supreme Court. Yet my official CONGRESSIONAL account was banned for 7 days for exposing Antifa’s plan for violence on the ‘Trans Day of Vengeance.’

[Elon Musk], can you explain?”

Sean Davis, the CEO of The Federalist, had his Twitter account locked as well for tweeting about the “Trans Day of Vengeance.”

The “Trans Day of Vengeance” is scheduled to take place in Washington D.C. on Saturday, April 1 at the Supreme Court.

The Trans Radical Activist Group (TRAN) which organized the event has also been raising money for firearm training and called for its members to take action in Nashville ahead of the school shooting.

Meanwhile, members of the trans community are encouraging violence online directed towards those who either disagree with their agenda or are Christians.

The following text is from a tweet that has been removed by Twitter as well:

The Post Millenial’s account was also locked by Twitter after they reported on the “Trans Day of Vengeance.”

In a tweet that has not been removed (yet) by Twitter, political activist Robby Starbuck condemned TRAN’s plans for its “Day of Vengeance” and for victimizing the Nashville shooter. He tweeted,

“These extremists not only claim victimhood for the killer, they blame Christians and all of us who helped get the law in TN that banned sex changes for minors. They’re also continuing their plans for a ‘trans day of vengeance’ this week. This is vile domestic terrorist behavior.”

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